Skruf Original Stark White (Ecological) - Review (Discontinued). 17 April 2015.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Our next review of the new Skruf Ecological line is Skruf Stark White.  The new Ecological line from Skruf utilizes 100% natural/organic/ecological tobacco.  This is the first time a snus company has launched a full range of exclusively ecological tobacco products. Skruf Stark White Portion was one of the very first Swedish Snus products I tried when I started using Swedish Snus. It was also one of the first bergamot snuses I tried when my tastes finally evolved to appreciate the citrus flavor profile of Swedish Snus.

When you open a can of Skruf Stark White (Ecological), the aroma that comes through is a mild smell of bergamot, a mellow aroma of tobacco, and a slight hint of sweetness. To be honest, this is the first product in the new Ecological line from Skruf that I've actually detected the aroma of rose oil. Most of the other products don't showcase it as much ss this one. The flavor of this one starts as a pleasant and natural taste of tobacco and very mild hints of bergamot develop the longer you have a portion in.  There is a mild hint of pepper in the background, as well.  I don't detect much of the sweetness of the rose oil in the flavor as I did in the aroma, however.  There is a very tiny bit of it in the flavor, but not as much as in the non-Ecological Skruf line.  I'm not saying that's bad by any means, just stating that as a basis for comparison.  The floral/sweet qualities of non-Ecological Skruf Stark White are not as present in this one.  The taste is pretty good, however.  This product is a little different from non-Ecological Skruf Stark White, but it definitely can stand on it's own.  But the tobacco is definitely the star when it comes to the flavor profile of this snus.  It's quite tasty!  If you're a fan of tobacco and want to enjoy a tobacco centric snus with a touch of bergamot, this is definitely one to try out!