Lab 03 - Coming Soon. Updated: 2 January 2015.

Updated 2 January 2015:  Our friend @ronnyrog on Instagram posted a photo today of the Lab 03 can.  I don't know anything about the snus itself, but just going by what the can says, it says:

  • Slim White
  • Normal Strength
  • Strong Effect
  • Non Drip
No clue on what the flavor says, but it's interesting me what "Normal Strength" and "Strong Effect" means.  Hopefully we'll get more info soon.  Also, our friend Larry from sent over a few pics to share, check those out below.

1 January 2015:  According to our friend Moe Unz on his blog at the e-store, a new Lab snus is coming soon, Lab 3. Little is known about it, only that it's coming in Week 4, so towards the end of January. So far, under The Lab Series we've seen 01 (Discontinued), 02, 05, 06, 07, 12 and 13.  Under The Lab Fresh brand we've seen Lemon, Mint and Cool Mint. Where does that leave us? So far, we haven't seen 03, 04, 08, 09, 10 or 11. I originally assumed 03 and 04 were General Long and General Long Sterk (Discontinued). 08 and 09 could have been General Long Extra Strong (rebranded as G3 Original) and General Long Extra Strong White (rebranded as G3 White). But with those numbers still open, it gives Swedish Match some room to work with as far as introducing new products under that line.

I'd like to see a good tobacco centric slim portion snus, that's something we don't have yet.  But more than likely it'll probably be another mint snus, because we all know there aren't enough of those out there.  Look for more news to come soon, I'll update this post as I get more info.