19 October 2010

General Long Sterk Review. (Discontinued) 19 October 2010.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Recently, I reviewed and, subsequently, fell in love with General Long Portion. As I've noted in previous reviews and articles, after going through Thunder Frosted Syndrome, I since backed down to using regular strength snus with the occasional sterk as needed. Stronger snus hasn't been my preference, but it does get some occasional use at the Snubie.com HQ, so I was looking forward to trying the latest addition to the General Long Portion family, or as I like to call this snus - General Long & Strong. As noted in previous articles, this snus is a long portion - much like the 0102 Lab Series released prior by Swedish Match. The long portion is longer and thinner and more comfortable than the regular "pillow" portion. Now, on to my review.

General Long Sterk tastes much like General Long. The flavor profile is the same, but only a little stronger nicotine kick. As I noted in my last review, "In my opinion - I think it leans closer to General Original Portion, and it's also close to General White Portion. I don't think it's as strong and zesty flavored as General Sterk is, and I don't think the flavor is as bold or overpowering as General ES. That being said, it's the General Recipe." Though I'm not a General ES user, I do use General Sterk from time to time. To answer a lot of the lingering question - does General Long Sterk taste like General Sterk? No. I find General Sterk to be very zesty and citrusy, and this doesn't have that flavor. I stand by it tasting close to General Portion/White Portion and having the classic General Recipe. Though I'm not experienced with General ES, I have used it before from time to time, and in fairness to this article, I tried a few portions just to make sure, and it does taste closer to General ES than General Sterk. Which is a bummer to me - because I love the tangy flavor of General Sterk. That being said, is this a bad snus? No. It has a comfortable portion, a great flavor, and a nice nicotine kick to it and makes a great addition to the new lineup. A mild citrus flavor with a little peppery kick thrown in and rounded out with a nice salt balance in a stronger formula makes General Long Sterk a pretty tasty little treat in my snus stash.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Just put in an order for two rolls of this, and wasn't sure if I'd like it. From what I've gathered, it's a flavor in-between General Sterk and ES, which is right up my alley. I too found ES to be a little too rich and overpowering in flavor, but just a bit.