General Snus Titanium, Titanium W and Fresh Taste (Canada) Reviews (Discontinued). 4 November 2014.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Before I get into this review, I have to give props to a friend in Canada for sending these to me. These cans cost about 18$ each in Canada, and he sent these without asking for anything in return; he just wanted to see awareness raised about General Snus in Canada. So thanks to "adventurous_moose" from /r/snus on Reddit for getting these to us.

That being said, I've been looking forward to reviewing these for a while. In early 2012, we had a Snus Summit in New York City where we learned about Swedish Match's growth all over the world. We heard about 4 products in Canada - General Smooth Taste, General Fresh Taste, General Original and General Titanium.  Smooth Taste and General Original didn't seem to stick around. When we met again in Chicago for the next Snus Summit we were shown the General Canada cans and they were the ones that are available now.

Today I'll be reviewing the products that are currently for sale in Canada - Fresh Taste, Titanium and Titanium W.  I didn't review Classic White because it's the same thing as General White Portion, which I've reviewed in the past.  One thing I really dig about the Canadian General products is the seal that is on every single can.  I really like this, I wish we could see this in other products.  Something about a freshness seal just feels right.

If you're new to snus, or not sure how to snus - there are instructions on the seal for "How To Snus".

General Fresh Taste

I went into this one thinking it would be a knock off of General Mint but it was actually quite different.  When you open a can of General Fresh Taste the aroma that comes through is a sharp peppermint smell, much like with General Mint. The taste is where they differ.  The flavor is very good and unique - it's a pairing of eucalyptus and peppermint.  This snus has a very fresh taste, so the name is quite fitting.  There's a nice little tingle and pleasant overall cooling sensation.  If this was made in a large sized portion and available to the US, I would definitely be down to buy more of it.

General Titanium

If you've ever had General Onyx, General Titanium is basically the same thing.  Upon opening the can a citrus smell comes through mixed with a hint of pepper.  If you've never had a black portion, it's the same as a white portion but in a black colored bag.  They do look damn cool, though.  When it comes to the taste of this snus, it's a flavor of citrus which tastes closer to lemon than to bergamot, a little salt balance, and a flavor of pepper in the background.  If you've had General White before, the pepper taste in General Titanium is more present, and the citrus flavor is closer to lemon than to the bergamot flavor - it's a bit more tart.  I'm jealous of Canadians that they can buy Onyx (General Titanium) in their local store, but it's a bummer it costs them 18$ to do so.

General Titanium W

This one was interesting.  In the past, Onyx was the only black portion snus that Swedish Match made.  General Titanium, which is basically the same as Onyx, also comes in a black portion.  And now a completely different flavor in a black portion.  When you open the can, a mix of the aromas of spearmint and wintergreen come through.  If I had to compare this to a snus, it's kinda like Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice, but the flavors of wintergreen and spearmint are more equal than in the Nick and Johnny snus.  Even though I'm not a big fan of wintergreen, I really like this snus.  The way the flavors of wintergreen and spearmint pair is really tasty.  If this was available for us to purchase in the US or online, I would definitely purchase more.

If you're in the US and want to try these out, the only website I've seen them for sale is Granted it's about 16$ a can there, but if you really want to try these, that's where you can get them from. Their FAQ says, "We ship cigars and tobacco products anywhere in Ontario or the Continental United States."