30 September 2015

V2 Tobacco News! 30 September 2015.

This morning we got some info from our friends at SnusCENTRAL.org.  It looks as though V2 Tobacco is set to release a new Thunder product called Thunder Extra Strong: Frosted (Slim White Dry Portion). This is V2 Tobacco's seventh release of a "long/slim" snus. The first was Thunder Frosted Longer+, which is still available. The next 5 were released in the Thunder Chrome Long+ Limited Edition series from 2011. I reviewed Thunder Frosted White Dry (Ultra Strong and Original Strong) a little while ago, so I imagine it will be similar to those products but in a slim pouch.  The nicotine content is 27mg/g and has a moisture content of 18%.  From what I've heard, this product should be available for sale very soon.  Look for a review to come soon!

This year, Thunder released the 2015 Thunder Limited Edition. The flavors were Gold, Prima Lima (Lime), Nilla Shock (Vanilla), Kickass (Jalapeño and Chili) and Limo G'N'M (Lemongrass and Mint). Lately, V2 has been evaluating after a period of time if any of the products are popular enough to stay, and which products are not selling well enough to keep around. This year, V2 has decided that none of the products are popular enough to keep in full time rotation, so they will all be delisted. If you enjoy any of these flavors, stock up on them before they're gone!

V2 is also set to add Wintergreen, Original, and Cool Mint to the Thunder Ultra Strong White Dry lineup.  The "White Dry" category has been growing as it lowers the can weight and helps in places where snus is taxed based on weight.

In the past, I've reviewed many V2 "White Dry" products including Offroad Frosted White Dry, Offroad Lakrits White Dry, Offroad Silver White Dry, Offroad Gold White Dry and Thunder Frosted White Dry (Ultra Strong and Extra Strong).  I look forward to reviewing the new additions to the white dry series!

More Photos of Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Slim White Dry:

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