Thunder Frosted Longer+ Review (Discontinued). 19 September 2011.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Today, we're talking about Thunder Frosted Longer+. To be honest - mints have become lackluster for me. When I first started, I was a mint fiend - it was 90% of my usage. I went through what I've dubbed the "Thunder Frosted Phase" that (almost) all new folks go through - nothing but strong portions/mint portions. And there are also a few folks that still use mostly mint portions, but the majority I've observed seem to switch to classic/traditional flavors and use a mint on occasion. Regardless of which group you fall into, I've always found that V2's mint taste is my pick of the litter. When I reviewed Thunder Frosted in the past, I was a "flavored snus enthusiast", but eventually found I don't need that much nicotine so I settled into Offroad Frosted. Now, I don't use many mints at all, but I can still approach this objectively.

V2's Thunder Frosted Long+ has more nicotine than Offroad (8mg/g), but less than Thunder Frosted ES (16mg/g). It weighs in at around 12mg per portion. So it's strong, but not kick your ass strong. The portions have that fresh spearmint aroma common to the Frosted family. The portions are in the long/slim format, meaning it's longer than a regular portion but thinner as well. Long portions are the best way to enjoy snus, providing the optimal fit in the lip. The taste is much like other V2 Frosted portions I've had in the past - a mint taste, but with a spearmint profile. The taste is fresh and clear, with a little salt balance in the background to enhance that flavor. It's been a while since I've had Frosted, but I can imagine if I was new to snus (as most who read my blog are), this would be a very approachable snus if you're into mint. It's not too strong, not too weak - right in the middle. The portion is comfortable and has a great and very fresh taste. You can't go wrong with this one.


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