17 March 2015

Offroad White Dry - Lakrits & Silver. Reviews (Discontinued). 17 March 2015.

These products has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

V2 is expanding their "White Dry" line with two new products - Offroad Silver White Dry and Offroad Lakrits White Dry. In the past, I reviewed Thunder Frosted White Dry Extra Strong, Thunder Frosted White Dry Ultra Strong and Offroad Frosted White Dry.  White Dry snus is a relatively new concept.  GN Tobacco began releasing White Dry snus a while back, and now V2 Tobacco has followed suit and started releasing their own White Dry products.  White Dry products weigh less, so when snus is taxed by weight, this is a great way to save money.  Without the added moisture, the cans weigh considerably less.

If you're unfamiliar with White Dry snus, I'll explain it further. When I spoke with V2 about their White Dry products, they explained it to me a little further. It is a "dry" version of Offroad Snus, produced in the same way but without any moisture added. The nicotine absorbs into the blood slower than usual until the portion is completely moist, then it will work much like a regular original portion does.
Offroad Lakrits White Dry

V2 does a great job when it comes to licorice snus. In the past I've reviewed all their other offerings - Offroad Lakrits Los, Offroad Lakrits Original Portion, Offroad Lakrits White Mini, and Offroad Lakrits White Portion.  Of all of those, the Offroad Lakrits Los was my favorite, it had a really great taste.  When it comes to this one, the product description says, "Has a rich taste of licorice."

When you open a can, you'll notice the portions are a little dryer than the average white portion, which is to be expected as this is a White Dry snus.  The aroma is a very present smell of black licorice.  The taste comes on rather slowly as the portion gets more moist, but once it comes to full fruition it's a very pleasant experience.  The flavor of black licorice is very present with a nice kick of salt in the background.  It reminds me a lot of black jelly bean candy, but without any added sweetness.  Just a natural and matured taste of black licorice.  If you're a fan of licorice snus and wanting to save a few bucks, give this one a try.

Offroad Silver White Dry

I'm a big fan of Offroad Silver. Offroad Silver Los has become one of my favorite loose snus products, and in the past I reviewed Offroad Silver Original Portion and Offroad Silver White Portion and enjoyed them both. The product description says, "Has a well-rounded taste of pure tobacco."
When you open the can, you'll notice the portions are, obviously, much dryer than an original white portion. The aroma is a very pleasant and mild earthy tobacco smell. The taste is similar to Phantom Classic Brown but without any hints of juniper. The flavor is a very straightforward and simple tobacco taste. It's not bold, by any means, but the tobacco flavor is very predominant and flavorful. It starts rather mildly, but as the portion becomes more moist the flavor comes to a more full fruition and is really tasty.  If you're a fan of tobacco centric snus and looking to save a few bucks, this one is definitely a snus to check out.

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