08 September 2015

Mustang Los - Review. 8 September 2015.

It's been quite a while since Swedish Match has launched a new product in loose format, so I was pretty excited to hear about Mustang Los. Granted, the name and the can aren't that great, but it's what's in the can that matters most. The product description for Mustang describes it as having "a dark and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of dried fruits, and citrus, along with hints of licorice and rosehip."  Mustang Los comes in a 42 gram paperboard can with the gold lid, much like other Swedish Match lossnus products.

As I've mentioned in the past, Swedish Match loose snus is the easiest stuff to handbake.  The grind is a joy to work with, and you rarely will need a snus portioning tool when you're working with SM los.  I always suggest it to people who are new to snus and want to try out a product that helps them practice handbaking.

The tobacco is dark and moist and packs very well. The los stays together well in the lip with little breakage or mudslide.  When you open a can of Mustang Los you smell rich tobacco, a little bit of dried fruit and just a slight hint of citrus.  The rich, robust tobacco flavor is front and center with Mustang.  There are mild hints of dried fruit, a little bit of citrus, and just a touch of pepper.  It tastes much like the Mustang Original Portion, but the tobacco taste is more bold and the citrus is a touch more noticeable.  It has a really good taste. If you took a little Grov Los and some Roda Lacket Los and dropped in a little citrus, that's what Mustang Los tastes like.  It's definitely an interesting and unique flavor, and I'm glad to see Swedish Match hasn't forgotten the los lovers out there!


  1. Nice photos Chad. Keep up the great work!

  2. i bought my first Mustang Lös today and i realy liked it !
    Swedish Match tried to make a cheaper brand before - Kronan and it taste like horseshit - this time they got it right`!

  3. I wish the tins were a little bit nicer with this one but I do really love the flavour (and the price). Though I will say that snus is super subjective (like everything I suppose) because Kronan lös is my favourite snus ever!