20 August 2015

Göteborgs Prima Fint Lös - Review. 20 August 2015.

Review Updated: 4 April 2018

Göteborg's Prima Fint has been my favorite los snus ever since I first started using snus in 2009. This is a very interesting product, because it's one that only comes in the lös format. It also has a very interesting history, going back over 100 years. Eric Mellgren started a tobacco factory in Göteborg in 1826, which he ran by himself until his son took it over in 1850. In 1915, the Swedish Parliament voted to nationalize all tobacco production to raise funds for national defense and a new pension system. In 1919, the Swedish Tobaco Monopoly registered one of the Mellgren's recipes as a new brand - Göteborg's Prima Fint No930. Eventually the number was dropped, but the product remained the same!

The product description for this product says, "The tobacco is finely ground and the taste is recognized by its dark tobacco character, with elements of smoke, dried fruits and rose hips". It comes in a 42 gram can and has a nicotine strength of 8mg/g.

First of all, this product is extremely easy to handbake; in fact, all of Swedish Match los products are. If you're new to lös, this is a great product to start with if you're new to lös. The aroma of this snus is a pure, straightforward tobacco smell. It's very lightly smoky, and has a gentle sweetness to it.  The snus itself stays together really well in the lip and, again, is very easy to work with.  The taste is very simple, but the beauty of this snus is in its simplicity.  This snus is very tobacco-centric.  It is a mild, gentle, earthy tobacco taste.  There is a light sweetness to it, which I suspect comes from the rose hips.  There is a little salt, as well.  And that's about it! It's a very simple snus.  The nicotine feels to be about regular strength, so it's not too strong - but that's a good thing, in my opinion, as I enjoy regular strength snus.  Usually I can keep a prilla in for about 45 minutes to an hour on average.  This snus has long lasting flavor, and stays together quite well in the lip.

This is, in my opinion, the best lös on the market.  If you're new to lös or love tobacco centric flavors, this is a must try!


  1. This review completely mirrors my experience with it & I picked this up this past December based on your review here. Thank you. Would be interesting to try in a portion.

  2. I just got my first cans of snus today and this was one I picked out at random (the other two being General los and General Strong los). I have to admit its night and day from my traditional Copenhagen silver lid (which I also always upper lipped.) A real nice flavor.