11 April 2015

Offroad Gold (Original Portion - Old Recipe) - Review. 11 April 2015.

This product was relaunched as Offroad Selection: Gold.

I've been looking forward to trying this for a while.  When I first heard about this a few months back, I could tell that V2 was excited about this release.

The product description says, "Offroad Gold is a classic style Swedish Snus. It has a traditional full tobacco character beautifully balanced with hints of citrus. A taste that lies deeply grounded in the soul of Sweden and reminds us how true snus should be and taste. Offroad Gold offers a no compromise classical snus experience."

Offroad Gold has a very classy can.  I usually don't talk about cans much in reviews, but this can is pretty classy looking and was deserving of a mention.  It reminds me a lot of the old General cans.

As far as the snus goes, the portions were moist but not too moist.  The aroma is a bold smell of citrus with a hint of pepper in the background.    It has a little bergamot in the smell, but also seems to have a little presence of orange, as well.    This snus doesn't taste like other V2 products such as Offroad Original.  This tastes a lot more close to more traditional Swedish Snus products. There is a present flavor of tobacco, as well as a light and airy taste of bergamot.  There is also a little hint of pepper in the background.  As far as comparisons go - I wouldn't say this is a General clone by any means.  It's really hard to compare to anything, but I would say the closest thing I could think of would be a cross between GN Tobacco's Oden's Original Portion and Olde Ving Original.  Both of those are snus products that I highly enjoyed, so I'm okay with that.

Offroad Gold is a definite win for V2 Tobacco.   I don't know of any shops selling it to the US yet, but I know Snus Bolaget has it listed at 24kr, which is about 2.72$ USD.  For a value snus, this delivers a great flavor.

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