Oden's Original (Original Portion) - Review. 24 May 2011.

Review Updated:  27 June 2022

I was recently sorting videos into playlists at SnubieTV.com (our new home on Utreon) and realized of all the re-reviews and ratings I've done over the past few years, I haven't done a lot of updated reviews in the past of the Oden's brand.  This week I'm going to work on that!  I'm starting with many regular strength GN Tobacco products (yes, they do make those), and today we're checking out Oden's Original (Original Portion)!  The product description for this one says, "A classic tobacco flavour accompanied by a peppery note and hints of citrus".  Each can weighs 20 grams and contains 20 portions, for 1 grams each.  The nicotine content is 9mg/g (0.9%), or 9mg/portion.

This one is a pretty nice one.  It's very much a traditional snus in terms of aroma and flavor.  But it also has that peppery tobacco base that you notice with Oden's Extreme, for example.  When you open the can you'll notice citrus, some light floral sweetness, and a dark, peppery tobacco base.  The pouches are nice and plump, moist, and pretty soft in the lip!  In the flavor profile, it's a pretty nice mix of citrus and tobacco.  The tobacco base is dark, and peppery.  I really enjoy the tobacco base on this one, it's pretty deep, and flavorful.  The citrus character is light, and with some subtle floral notes.  In terms of strength, this one feels right at the regular strength level.  The flavor, on average, lasts about 45-50 minutes.

Rating and Final Thoughts

GN Tobacco makes a lot of high nicotine products, but they also make some normal products, like this one.  I wanted to review a lot of these to help show some of the other side of GN Tobacco, with their more normal, humane products.  This one is pretty good, especially if you like traditional flavored products.  I rated this one at 3.67/5.  I know GN is known mostly for Siberia and nonsense like that, but I want to bring more attention to their regular products.  If you like traditional flavored snus, this is definitely one that I'd suggest checking out.

This product available at SnusCENTRAL.com.