25 March 2015

Al Capone Chewing Tobacco - Vanilla & Mint. Reviews. 25 March 2015.

I recently became aware of two new products under the brand name "Al Capone" for sale on a webstore in Switzerland, Smoke24.ch. Through a source in Switzerland I was able to get some cans of each for review. When the cans arrived, I flipped them over to see who produced these, and on the bottom of the can it says, "Made in Denmark by V2 Tobacco under license of Al Capone." I recently reviewed the Thunder Chewing Tobacco and Thunder Chew Bags from V2 Tobacco, so these are going to more close to those products than the other Al Capone products we reviewed made by Winnington AB - Al Capone Mint, Al Capone Pure and Al Capone Citrus.

As I've mentioned before, chewing tobacco is basically the same thing as snus.  It's made the same way and carries the same amount of safety as Swedish Snus does.  It's labeled as chewing tobacco because chewing tobacco is legal to be sold in the the EU and Swedish Snus isn't.  Yes, I know, that sounds absolutely moronic that it's the case, but hey, that's the EU for you.

Al Capone Vanilla Chewing Tobacco

When it comes to Al Capone Vanilla Chewing Tobacco, the product description says, " Sweet Vanilla Flavour - Enjoy the pleasant sweetish taste of vanilla and warm with its rich and persistent aroma. VANILLA offers a unique and intense taste experience. Welcome to a new kind of tobacco."  When you open a can, you'll notice the tobacco is very packed and almost claylike in appearance.  I personally love this grind and find it very easy to handbake if you're not a fan of using a snus portioning tool or don't own one.  When you open a can a slightly sweet aroma of vanilla comes through.  The taste is absolutely delicious, this is by far the best tasting vanilla tobacco product I've ever had.  The flavor is a very creamy and natural taste of vanilla with a slight sweetness to it.  It reminds me a lot of vanilla ice cream.  It's not too sweet, but the amount of sweetness present in this snus is just right.

Al Capone Mint Chewing Tobacco

The product description for this one says, "Refreshing mint flavor - Enjoy the sparkling flavor of mint, with its extensive and persistent aroma. MINT is our refreshing chewing tobacco with ice-cold taste experience."  As with the other one, the grind is very claylike in consistency and very easy to handbake.  When you open the can, the aroma of spearmint that comes through is very similar to Offroad Frosted Los, so if you're familiar with the V2 "Frosted" line, it's very similar to that one. The only difference I would say is that it doesn't smell as sweet, and it has a slight hint of menthol to it.  The taste is very similar to the V2 Frosted line.  When you put a pris in your lip, there is an immediate cooling sensation that is quite refreshing.  The taste is a mellow spearmint taste with a slight sweetness to it.  As I said before, if you've had any Frosted product from V2 Tobacco, this one will immediately remind you of that.  If you're a fan of mint tobacco, this is definitely one to pick up and try.

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