05 November 2011

Al Capone Mint Snus review. 5 November 2011.

I'm not a big fan of the Northerner/TillCE minis. Since I reviewed Oomph Citrus back in May of 2009, which was my fourth Swedish Snus I ever tried, I just couldn't get into it. I've been hearing some good buzz about Al Capone so I thought I'd check it out. The main reason I wanted to check out this snus was the name. "With a name like Al Capone, this snus better not suck.", I thought to myself. It comes in a 6mg variety, which is the top of the line with the "purified" portions. I know SnusGirl is a big fan of it, and from what she says apparently it's been for sale in Sweden for a little while now in shops. When I think of the Al Capone name, I think of Al Capone Cigars, which TillCE must have licensed to use this name. When I think of Al Capone, I think of Untouchables. Needless to say, going into this - I thought this snus better have balls. A mini mint portion isn't exactly worthy of the name "Al Capone", in my opinion, but that's neither here nor there.

Name aside, I want to approach the snus portions themselves objectively and not give any regard to the name, I think I've done that enough already at this point. I like this can, I really do, it's classy. When you open it, a very medicinal aroma comes through common to other purified snuses - it's like opening a bag of cough drops. The portions are white and very dry - an immediate turn off for me. I stuck about 3 of these in my face just to make sure I got the full experience. Minis just don't do it for me. There is an immediate tingle that I don't experience very often, but it's quite enjoyable. The taste takes some time to come on - but once it does it's actually pretty good. Mark this on your calendar - Chad actually doesn't hate the taste of a snus under the Oomph/Wise/Northerner variety. The taste is a very clean mint taste, but the mint is hardly there - it's a very light and airy taste. The medicinal kick is still kinda there but not that bad. The taste doesn't last very long - about a half hour, but it's actually pretty enjoyable if you put enough of these in your lip. The tingle stays around for quite a while too. Though not worthy of the name of one of the most notorious gangsters of all time, the snus portions themselves aren't that bad.

For a quick comparison of the size, here's a portion of Al Capone next to a portion of the new Taboca White. This snus isn't that bad. Though not my type of snus, and I'm not a big fan of mint - I can say for those who are fans of mint, or of the "purified" snus - check this one out, it's not too bad. Al Capone is currently available from Northerner.com, though not for sale to US customers.

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