Skruf Slim Fresh Hylleblomst White - Review (Discontinued). 21 February 2015.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Before we dive into this review, I suppose I should clear up any confusion about the name. According to the Wikipedia page about hyll, hyll is "a collective term for several different perennials , shrubs and small trees of the genus Sambucus."  From what I understand, hylleblomst is the juice of the flowers.  Eldeflower, or as snuser more commonly know it, "flader", is a member of the same family as hyll. This isn't a very common flavor in the snus world, Jakobsson's Flader (formerly Gotland's Green) is the only other snus that utilizes this flavor. Jakobson's Flader has been a personal favorite of mine for many, many years. Skruf Fresh Hylleblomst White is the newest addition to the Skruf Fresh line. There's also Skruf Fresh Slim White, Skruf Fresh Tranbar Xtra Stark Slim White and Skruf Sun Fresh Slim White.   Skruf Fresh Slim White is a pretty straightforward mint flavored snus, but Skruf Fresh Tranbar Xtra Stark Slim White and Skruf Sun Fresh Slim White are a different story.  Skruf Fresh Tranbar paired the cranberry flavor with mint, and Skruf Fresh Sun paired a citrus flavor with mint.  It's a new thing that Skruf has been trying that no one else has really done before.

When it comes to Skruf Fresh Hylleblomst White, it's a long/slim white portion. When you open the can, a floral aroma comes through with a very mild menthol-like presence.  When you put a portion in your lip, a cooling sensation comes on rather quickly, perhaps from a presence of menthol which lingers around in the background of the taste profile.  The flavor is a very straightforward floral taste with a light and airy presence of herbs in the background.  It's a pretty interesting flavor.  It's not as close to Jakobsson's Flader as I expected, it's more different and complex.  This is a really great spring/summer type flavor, it has a very pleasant and refreshing taste.  This is something, like Jakobsson's Flader, that I could see throwing in a few cans here and there to mix up my rotation.  It's definitely something that I would order again.

NOTE:  This product is no longer made, but check out the Skruf selection at  There's a pretty big variety!