29 September 2014

Skruf Slim White Portion - Review. 29 September 2014.

NOTE:  There were originally reviews here for Skruf Slim Fresh Tranbar (Xtra Stark White) and Skruf Slim Xtra Stark White, however those have been moved to their own articles.  To access them, click their names and you'll be redirected to their new articles.

Skruf has added a new Slim product to their lineup - Skruf Original White Slim!  As most companies are starting to realize, the long/slim portion format is truly the best way to enjoy snus, in my opinion at least.  Skruf has also redesigned their entire product line (as of late 2015), so their cans may look different than you've seen in the past!  The new design is much cleaner and uniform across the entire Skruf range of products.

Skruf White Slim comes in at a 2 on the Skruf Scale of Power, so it's a regular strength snus. The product description says, "Has a classic taste of tobacco, bergamot and rose-oil, and comes in a slim shaped pouch for optimal fit."  

The aroma is a mild tobacco smell with a hint of bergamot and a little sweetness.  The taste is a mild flavor of tobacco with a hint of sweetness due to the presence of rose oil.  There is a little bergamot flavor present but it's not very strong in the flavor.  The Skruf taste is a take on the traditional Swedish Snus flavor with their own unique take on it.  It can appeal to anyone, really.  If you like the classic Swedish Snus flavor, you could enjoy this one, but I've also heard people who don't like the classic Swedish Snus flavor say they enjoy this one, too.  Skruf is a good middle ground product for any snuser.  The portions are slim fit and very comfortable in the lip.

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