Thunder Ultra: Brandy Alexander. Review (Discontinued). 12 July 2013.

This product has been sadly discontinued and is no longer for sale.  It stayed on the market for over a year, so thank you to everyone who supported it while it was around!

In early 2009, V2 released the Nordströmmen Los Limited Edition line. The flavors were Brandy Alexander, Dark Vanilla, Mandarine, Tobacco Top, and Chocolate Raspberry. Brandy Alexander came in an early version as portion (Offroad Limited 2008), Dark Vanilla never showed back up, Mandarine came back in a limited edition later on in the year, Tobacco Top never came back around, and Chocolate Raspberry was released later on in 2009 in the same portion limited edition that Mandarine reappeared in. We did an article in the past on the history of V2 Limited Editions. In November 2011, V2 issued a challenge, saying if we can get them to 500 likes on Facebook by 1 January 2012, they would bring back Nordströmmen Brandy Alexander Loose. We did, through an aggressive grassroots campaign, thanks to all you folks who read this blog and the others across the internet, and they announced it would come back. It returned on January 23rd, 2012 and we reviewed it on January 30th, 2012. And it was worth the wait - nothing short of amazing.

In May, 2013, V2 issued another statement on their Facebook Page, saying "Let the voting begin for the next Thunder Ultra portion taste, one vote per person. Since we have to many options, you need to type it in as comment :-)". The flavor options were Raspberry, Licorice, Vanilla, Brandy Alexander, Wintergreen, Chocmint, Raisin, Coffee, Green Tea, Strawberry, Whiskey, Bacon, Apple, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Eldeberry, Rum, Root Beer, Blackberry, Strawberry-Banana Mint, Peach, Licorice Peach. Some weird, some traditional - but in the end it came pretty close with Raspberry besting Brandy Alexander, which bummed me out. But, the surprise came when V2 said they were going to release BOTH of the top 2 snuses in a limited edition release. Raspberry isn't quite ready yet, but Brandy Alexander is now out, and in a PORTION format, which is something I've only dreamed of. Ultra Strong, Ultra Tasty. Our friends at have a great price on it, $3.17 a can, or $29.80 a roll.

 In case you aren't aware, let's talk a little about the flavor of this snus. Brandy is basically distilled wine, which has most of the water removed. This alters the taste and makes the alcohol content slightly higher. Brandy is from the Dutch word meaning "burnt wine". Brandy Alexander is made from a mixture of Creme de Cacao and Cognac - which is a variety of Brandy. For a Brandy to be a Cognac it must meet strict standards, and be made from certain grapes. Most Cognacs are aged longer than required, much in the same way whiskey and wine age when in a barrel. Creme de Cacao is a type of chocolate liqueur. If you've never had Brandy, it is a very rich flavor with a strong aroma and a sweet taste. If you want to learn how to make a Brandy Alexander, this video is a great guide. But it's really not that hard.

Now, how does Thunder Ultra: Brandy Alexander rate? I can honestly say, the flavor is just as good as last year's Brandy Alexander, and as good as 2009's. When you open a can of Brandy Alexander a smokey chocolate aroma comes through with brandy in the background. The flavor is sublime, chocolate notes of the cacao mixed in with a mild tobacco flavor, the flavor of brandy and a slight smokey hint as well. Being an Ultra Snus, it is going to be quite strong, so if you're not used to really strong snuses, be prepared, this one will probably kick your face in. V2 does a great job with higher free nicotine levels in their products, so this one has a kick. Great flavor, a strong nicotine release - this snus is absolutely wonderful.

Remember, this is a limited edition for the time being.  I would LOVE for this snus to stay around, but that means you folks have to get out and buy it.  As I've said a million times before, this snus is second to none.  I've been reviewing snus since 2009, and I've never found one that had a flavor as amazing as this product.  V2 has really outdone themselves with this release, and I can't keep myself away from it.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get out and get those orders in, try it out - and fall in love, because I know once you taste this flavor, nothing else will ever be the same again.  Enjoy!