Hello Brandy Alexander, Goodbye Chrome & More News. 1 Jan 2012.

I did a video on our YouTube channel recently announcing a little challenge laid down by V2 Tobacco on their Facebook Page to bring back the greatest snus the world has ever seen, Brandy Alexander. The catch? Their page had to be to 500 likes by January 1st, 2012. Well, it happened. Thank you all who contributed and helped make it happen by spreading the word. I couldn't be more excited and I look forward to finally seeing this snus for sale again! Also, earlier today Larry at SnusCENTRAL reported that V2 is discontinuing the Chrome line, which is a bummer - I've recently fallen in love with ChocMint. Good thing I stocked up. The only snus that will remain in Long+ form from V2 is the Frosted version. Also of note, the Coffee Supreme will return in 2012 as Offroad Coffee Supreme, much to the delight of SnusOn's PremiumParrots - who is a big fan and wanted a coffee snus with less nicotine. So I think this is a win all around, except for the loss of ChocMint.

Other big news, in February - myself and Christopher Nash, who I run GoSmokeless.org with will be invading New York City. The reason? Well, we can't tell you. But needless to say several snus dignitaries from around the US will be getting together for a snus summit. We will be bringing back exciting news, and I look forward to sharing it with you guys. The last US snus summit brought forth the news about the General expansion into the US from Swedish Match, so here's to hoping this will be more great news for snusers in the USA!

Happy New Years, and I look forward to a snus filled 2012!


  1. Just wanted to let you know, in celebration for the comeback of the Nordstrommen, I drank a couple of very high quality Brandy Alexanders at dinner the other night. It caused me to become even more excited! Come quick says I!


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