23 January 2013

Brandy Alexander - Discontinued. :( 23 January 2012

On 23 November, 2011 - I talked with V2 about a possible return of the greatest snus the world has ever seen - Brandy Alexander. They said if their Facebook page got to 500 likes by 1 January 2012 they would bring it back. Needless to say, through a large grassroots effort coordinated by lots of people including the various snus forums and blogs around the web - it came to pass! On 23 January 2012, I couldn't have been happier to report that it was back and on sale. A few days later, on 30 January 2012 I had the joy of reviewing the first cans after it's triumphant return and couldn't have been happier. I began stocking up until my freezer was full of it's yummy goodness. A lot of people agreed, it was sold out by 17 February 2012. V2 quickly ordered a second batch to appease the masses. I'm sad to report, I found out today that V2 is discontinuing this. Today, I am a sad panda. Honestly, I didn't even know this stuff was still for sale - I had stocked up so much I wasn't looking anymore, but apparently some people still have some in stock - though I don't know who.

Moral of the story is this. If you find a snus that you really like that isn't General, Ettan, Thunder, Oden's, etc - if it isn't a main name snus and is a limited edition or something that seems like it won't stick around (like Cl!ck Snus from Swedish Match) - stock up on it.  I made the mistake of not buying a bunch of the Nordstrommen los line when it was available and regretted it ever since.  It was just luck that I was able to persuade V2 (along with the help of all those in the B.A. Movement of 2011) to bring it back.  Snuses in this business come and go, so if you find one that you're into - stock up on it.  My buddy Julls at SnusCENTRAL did a video demonstration that I used when I wanted to learn how to vacuum seal the easy way (without buying a device) - so if you're not familiar with it, I'd say check out that video, it's pretty informative on the ways of vacuum sealing.  It's a good way to save snus for future use, especially in the case of limited edition releases that you grow particularly fond of.

Also, V2 is discontinuing Phantom Classic Medium - I can't say I've ever tried this, but I had heard about it before.

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