17 February 2012

Brandy Alexander quick sellout and the greatest honor of my snus career. 17 February 2012.

Yesterday, it was reported on the SnsuCENTRAL webstore's Facebook Page that Brandy Alexander had sold out! Moe Unz, store manager, went on to inform us that, "nusCentral.com Snus Store Update: Hello from me, Moe Unz! Nordströmmen Brandy Alexander loose snus has sold out. Congratulations, Chad. We are waiting for V2 to make us some more." I was under the impression when it was brought back that it would be a limited edition, which I believe it still is, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear from V2 this morning that a second batch was coming soon! So those of you who missed out, make sure and get in on it while you can! Who knows if this second batch will be the last one or not. If you missed my review of the 2012 version, check it out. There's been a lot of feedback coming in and I've only heard one person say they didn't like it, and the rest have been rave reviews about how good this stuff is. I rarely will say such strong words, but in my almost 3 years of reviewing snus, this is the best snus of them all - and trust me, I've had probably 99% of them.

Today I was pleasantly surprised to receive what is probably the greatest honor of my snus career. 4 of the most limited edition cans of a limited edition snus - the very special Snubie Edition of Brandy Alexander. I'm going to have to check out a shadow box or something cool to put these in, they're definitely getting a place of honor in the snus cave. It's really cool that V2 would not only bring back my favorite snus by customer demand, but honor me with these special cans. It's really, really cool. So props to all you guys for spreading the word about this great snus, and for those of you who bought it - thanks for not making me look like an idiot and getting them to bring this back and no one buy it. But the reviews have spoken for themselves - everyone has tasted just how fabulous this snus is - and if you haven't, get ready for Batch2 which is coming soon!


  1. So Chad, when is V2 releasing these super limited-edition cans with autographs from you, Marc and Patrick on them? It could be considered a V2 kardus at that point...

    1. Ah, Danish Kardus, sounds interesting! A long cut Brandy Alexander perhaps.