General Mint (Classic White) Review. (Discontinued) 12 November 2012.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I don't have to say it - you already know what I'm going to say. "Something, something, there's too many mint snuses, something something". With rare exception do I dig and use a mint snus beyond it's review phase. Thunder Chrome Long+ ChocMint was one, and so was another one - Catch Collection Chill/Mint Vanilla (which also returned briefly in 2011). Now, going by this product name this may get confusing, but allow me to clarify. Swedish Match makes General Mini Mint which is designed for the US Snus Market and was toted as the "Camel Frost Killer" (I think Larry came up with that). They also released a full sized General Mint White Portion in 2010 which is also sold in the US Market. Okay, so that's a brief backstory on General Mint. This is a completely new product designed for the Swedish market with a different flavor profile. Swedish Match describes it as, "A medium-bodied and spicy tobacco taste with notes of peppermint, along with hints of bergamot, tea and vanilla." So the name is similar, but the product is new with a new flavor. This isn't something that I'd expect to see sold in shops in the US, but moreso on webshops. Next week, actually.  But more on that later.  For now let's talk about this new snus and what it has going on.

I've used this snus exclusively tonight and worked my way through a quarter can of it and I have to say - it's good, but not what I was hoping for. Rob from Smokeless Aficionado mentioned on our forum, that the flavor reminded him a lot of Catch Collection Chill/Mint Vanilla. This got my excited. When I got home and opened the package and began pounding portions, I was a little disappointed. I'm not saying this snus is bad by any means - it's not, it has a great flavor. But we'll start at the beginning. When you open a can, the aroma that comes through is a very bold peppermint aroma, with little hints of vanilla. Okay, promising so far. The portions are very soft and have great mouthfeel and a little tingle in the beginning. The flavor of peppermint comes through with little hints of vanilla mixed in. What I was expecting was an equal balance or a stronger vanilla presence, which isn't there. The flavor mellows out after about 15 minutes to a smooth peppermint flavor with minor hints of vanilla, but nothing too strong. I don't pick up the hints of bergamot, but I'm okay with that. Bergamot Mint sounds kinda gross anyway. All in all, it's a pretty good snus as far as mint goes, and one I'd definitely order again. If I can't get Catch Mint Vanilla on the regular, I'll settle for being able to pick up General Mint (Classic White). Look for it to be on sale next week at select webstores! I know for sure the MaKe WeBo shops and will be selling it.

 Nash and I did a video talking about a little contest we're doing over on and also did a review and talked about the new General Mint (Classic White), check that out before for a little more discussion on it.