08 October 2012

Granit Explosive and Granit Intensive Reviews. (Discontinued) 8 October 2012.

These products have been discontinued and is no longer for sale.  If you enjoyed the taste of Granit Explosive, try Granit Stark Original - it's the same taste.

I've been getting requests for these reviews and I haven't done them yet. Or have I? I'll explain. Granit Intensive Xtra Strong White Portion is the same as Granit Stark White that I reviewed in May. Granit Explosive Xtra Strong Portion is the same as Granit Stark OP that I reviewed in February of last year. They've simply been rebranded by F&L.  So if you haven't tried them yet, check out those reviews.  The taste is the same (I know, I tried them to be double sure before I said that), but they come in a cooler can with a more exciting name.  I like this rebranding, I think it was a good move by F&L.  I've heard people say the Granit name is "boring", so this adds a little "oomph" to that.

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