04 February 2011

Granit Stark Review. (Rebranded) 4 February 2011.

This product has been redesigned and upgraded.  Check out this review to find out the differences between this version and the new version.

I'll admit, I don't have much experience with Granit. I've tried Granit Maxi in the past, but that's about it. So this review is kinda off the cuff and I can't really compare it to any Granit I've had before. Granit Stark is a new snus from F&L, and is an addition to the growing Granit product line - in the way that the Lucky Strike brand has been growing. Granit Stark is listed here as having a "High Level" of nicotine, though no exact content is listed. To me it feels like a normal stark, probably 13mg-14mg of nicotine. It does have a little kick, but not as strong as one from Thunder. The aroma of this snus is pretty interesting. Usually one comes through before the other in a tradition snus, citrus first or tobacco first, but in this one the aroma is pretty pleasantly mixed - strong tobacco and citrus aromas at the same time. The citrus is a tad more present, but they both come through in a pretty balanced fashion.

The portions are very moist and juicy, and very comfortable in the lip. They are a little flat in the can, so a little fluffing is required. The taste comes on pretty immediately, as does the nic hit. The tobacco comes through pretty strong, and a little citrus as well. This snus isn't extremely salty, and doesn't have the pepper taste that I'm used to with General snus, so it's pretty interesting. The tobacco flavor is the predominant flavor with the citrus being more of an afterthought, very mild and not something that stands out much. The taste can get slightly bitter after long period of use, but that's after about 45 minutes to an hour in. So not one I could leave in for long periods of time, but the initial flavor is very bold and the nicotine hit is pretty quick and strong. So Granit Stark is pretty good, pretty interesting. I'm going to have to check out some of the other Granit products just so I can compare.

NOTE: This product is one that is currently not available from Northerner.com. If you'd like to enjoy this snus, we suggest buying it from our friends at BuySnus.com.

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