17 September 2012

Blue Ocean & Jägarpris: Tobacco Cuts (Old Review). 17 September 2012.

NOTE:  This is the old review of this product.  To check out the updated review from 2018, click here!

If you're not familiar with AG Snus, I did a article a while back with a little info and history on them. I've also reviewed their various products, Blue Ocean 1.0, Jägarpris, Jägarpris (White) and the new Blue Ocean (Blue Portion). I recently had a conversation with Alex Gundersen from AG Snus about what they've been up to lately. My main curiousity has been if they'd release a lossnus. Alex remarked to me, "At the moment we are currently trying to develop new snus products, but it will take some time before we are ready to launch a new product. We have not planned a launch of lossnus in the near future." That was a bummer, but I was relieved to see something else was on the horizon. AG Snus has released tobacco cuts! I had some quite a while ago - the General and Roda Lacket ones (I can't remember if I reviewed them or not), and since then I haven't seen many people doing them outside of the usual Oliver Twist variety. So it was pretty exciting to see a new company dropping Tobacco Cuts on the snus world.

In my conversation with Alex, he went on to tell me a little about the tobacco cuts. "[They are] a twist chewing tobacco product. In the manufacturing process the tobacco cuts are spun out of whole tobacco leaves and are comparable in the size to the contents of a snus pouch. The flavor of the 2 tobacco cuts products is similar to our snus products Blue Ocean and Jägarpris. Initially Blue Ocean and Jägarpris tobacco cuts have been launched on the German market only. Lately, much to my surprise, I've seen them for sale on MrSnuff.com. If you're interested in them, pop in over there and check them out.

Once I opened the cans, they look like other tobacco cuts I've had in the past, similar in size to the General/Roda ones I've had. The aroma of both of them is very similar. If you've had pipe tobacco before, they smell a lot like good pipe tobacco. A rich and robust character comes through when you open the can, it's very nice. The aroma isn't like the usual Blue Ocean or Jägarpris, so if that's what you're expecting, you will probably be disappointed. I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean it to say that's not what's going on with these products.

I've spent some time with them this evening and I'm really impressed with what AG has made. They're very interesting and much different from their snus offerings. They obviously have hints of the flavors of their snus offerings, but the tobacco taste is very heavy in the front, and the flavoring hints are minor and in the back.

The Blue Ocean is a little bit sweeter than the Jägarpris. It has a taste much like fine pipe tobacco tastes, but with a little sweetness and a very small cooling sensation. The Jägarpris is pretty much straight tobacco taste, it's a very earthy but more mellow tobacco taste than the Blue Ocean. Both of these taste much saltier than their portion counterparts, and get really juicy in the lip.  Both have great flavor.  The flavor and aromas are great.  If you're into tobacco cuts, or a snus user wanting to try something different, I'd strongly suggest heading over to MrSnuff.com and picking some up. They're worth a try!

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