19 January 2011

Jägarpris Original Portion (Discontinued). 19 January 2011.

NOTE:  Jagarpris has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

It is interesting to note that this can isn't opened the traditional way. I slid my thumbnail around the seam and attempted to open the can, much to no avail. Eventually, I found out these are opened in a Lucky Strike-esque way, you have to peel the label off. Don't be alarmed, it's easy - the label is made to be peeled off, but it sucks because it detracts from the cans appearance in my opinion. Getting into this review, no - Jägarpris is not flavored with Jägarmeister. Just to clear that up.

As you can see from this picture, the open can has had the label removed so that I could get into it. The product description is, "Nature creates a frame around the world, which we as human beings live in and are a part of. The close connection between nature and humans has been our inspiration in the development of Jägarpris. The Jägarpris flavour is therefore brought in from nature’s rich flora. Jägarpris is developed for those, who value nature and wish to feel the closeness of nature – also when enjoying snus." When you open a can of Jägarpris, the aroma is a slightly sweet but rich and fresh earthy aroma, it smells of the season of Fall. The portions are very comfortable and quite moist. The taste is very mellow - a rich tobacco flavor with earthy undertones and a gentle salt balance. This stuff is pretty tasty! The nicotine hit is pretty moderate as well. As far as snuses go, this one is a pretty standalone product - not many comparisons to other snus products come to mind when I think about Jägarpris.

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