13 January 2016

Granit Stark/Strong White - Review. 13 January 2016.

Somebody recently asked me if I had reviewed Granit Stark Vit, and I told them yes, I reviewed Granit Stark Vit back in 2012 and it was discontinued shortly after that. They alerted me to a new listing at TopSnus.com for Granit Stark Vit, and I saw it had been re-released. I grabbed a can just to see if it was the same product in a new can and planned to re-activate my old review, but found the taste to be much different, so I'm doing a brand new review of this one. The flavor description says, "Granit is a value-priced strong white portion snus with a pronounced medium body tobacco taste."

21 August 2017 Update: Granit was recently redesigned by Fiedler and Lundgren and now comes in a much better looking can with the FlexLid! In case you missed it, the FlexLid is a rubber catch lid which actually grows and expands as you add more used portions to it. It's a neat innovation that is now available in all of Fiedler and Lundgren's products!

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mild tobacco smell with a touch of pepper and just a little citrus. The portions are pretty soft and have a decent amount of tobacco in them. The can lists this as having lakrits and salmiak in it, but I didn't really notice any licorice presence in this snus. I did notice it to be a little saltier than the average traditional Swedish Snus, which could be due to the presence of salmiak.  The flavor seems to be improved over the version I had in 2012.  There is a mild taste of tobacco with a mellow taste of citrus.  The snus has a very tea-like quality to the flavor, as well.  There's just a little bit of pepper, and a higher salt flavor than most traditional flavored Swedish Snus.  It's a stark portion, so it feels just a little stronger than your average Swedish Snus, but not much stronger.  The flavor also lasts a pretty good amount of time, I've found I can enjoy this one for an hour, sometimes up to an hour and fifteen minutes!

I found this one to be quite enjoyable and suggest picking it up if you want to try something new!

After I wrote this review with updated photos, they updated the can design again!  But I'm not going to order another can to review, so here's the new can design:

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  1. I love Granit snus, you really can't go wrong with it. The strong white has a nice earthy & peppery tabacco centric flavour; soft in the lip, and the strength is in my personal sweet spot.I use it daily, and keep on going with it.....