Granit Special White Portion Review. (Discontinued) 4 February 2011.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Licorice/anis is a pretty popular thing when it comes to snus. There's a few I've reviewed, and a few I haven't. In the past I've reviewed Catch Collection//Still (Violet-Licorice), LD Black, and Fellinni Lakrito. I really like the LD Black, and not just because it has the most comfortable snus portion in existence. But when it comes to licorice/anis in snus, I tire and burn out on the flavor really quickly. It's not something that I enjoy on a regular basis. I like the flavor of licorice, but I can't do it when it's too strong. I was excited to hear that the licorice flavor in this one was mild or subdued, because that's something I've been looking for in a snus. In addition to the recently released Granit Stark comes Granit Special White, a new Granit snus added to strengthen the Granit product line. As I mentioned in that review - I'm not too familiar with the Granit brand. I've used Granit Maxi in the past, but that's about it, and not enough to speak about Granit with much knowledge. So this is another off the cuff review.

Okay, so on to the review. The portions are white portions, but the snus is very moist and soft feeling. Very comfortable in the lip. When you open the can the aroma is obvious salmiak/black licorice but is very gentle and slightly sweet. After a little fluffing and into the lip the taste of licorice begins to come through. Now, it isn't very strong like with a traditional flavored licorice/anis snus, is a little salty, and melds with a little tobacco taste that comes through as well. That's what I've been looking for, and a big kudos to F&L for making it happen. If you like licorice but don't want OMG-LICORICE!, this snus is for you. You get the taste but not in a strong, overbearing, overly present way as is offered in other snuses with this flavor profile. The tastes blend really well into this very pleasant package, it's really good stuff. It also packs a pretty good nic hit. So check it out if you like licorice, or if you're like me and want a snus that tastes like licorice but isn't way too strong.

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