25 August 2011

Göteborgs Rapé (White Portion) - Review. 25 August 2011.

Göteborgs Rapé, or Goteborg's Rape, or sometimes GoteRape as it is often called, is produced by Swedish Match. Göteborgs Rapé is the 2nd most popular brand on the Swedish market, last time I checked.  There are four main flavors of the GR brand - Goteborg's Rape, Goteborg's Rape Lingon, Goteborg's Rape Lime and Goteborg's Rape Hjortron.

I know when I was new to snus, this name threw me off, so I'll try to help explain it. Göteborg is a city in Sweden where one of the Swedish Match factories are located. This is a video on how to pronounce Göteborg. The word rapé is pronounced [rah-pey] with the emphasis on the 'ey'-sound. The term is French and means "grate" or "grated" - this is a reference to the practice from the 1700's when people in French society would grate their tobacco by hands to get it to the exact consistency they wanted to have.

I usually try to keep my reviews simple, but as these are both flavored with Lingonberry or Juniper - and most people don't sit around eating either of these varieties of berry, I feel I should explain a little about what each one tastes like. Juniper is best known for flavoring gin. If you've ever had gin, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not, juniper berries have a slightly bitter fruit taste, an almost bittersweet flavor profile.

Göteborgs Rapé is a very unique and complex snus. When you open the can - you'll notice the star formation - which Swedish Match now uses in all their white portion snus. The portions come out in a wedge shape, so a little fluffing is needed to get it ready for your lip. The aroma is juniper, very present, with a lemony undertone and a herbal/floral like quality to it. The taste is very interesting. Juniper is in the front, with a slightly citrusy taste and herbal/floral qualities. There is a neat little pepper bite in the background and a mellow salt balance to tie the flavors together. The fruit taste can be a bit bitter/sour - but that's part of the juniper berry. It's not a bad thing! I know a lot of Americans coming over from American "snus" to Swedish Snus read my blog and are going to be turned off because it's not sweet - but in time as you adjust to Swedish Snus you'll come to appreciate more flavorful snuses, which is definitely what this is. It's a very complex flavor that mellows out into a bittersweet taste. To be honest, this snus was on one of my first orders and I enjoyed the taste then, so even if you're into sweet snus you can still enjoy this one. It has a very unique taste and is a great alternative to mix up your rotation.  I personally have ordered GR with every order since October of 2013, so it definitely grows on you!


  1. I recently went to Sweden and they had this summer edition of the Göteborgs Rapé.
    It is possible to see images at http://www.svensktsnus.se

  2. @sharehair - They also have that available online to buy at the webstores if you can't get it in Sweden. It's pretty cool, I like the design.

  3. cux cux pipa mono snus