09 November 2011

Thunder Frosted (Ultra Strong) Original - Review. 9 November 2011.

Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong is here and with it's arrival ushers in the official naming of a new class of higher nicotine products. With Oden's Extreme, the recent release of 06, and now Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong a new hierarchy of nicotine has been established with these 20mg and up nicotine levels showing that there's a demand for getting your head kicked in by a nicotine ninja. V2 is really digging reflective labels lately, as with their Chrome release - these are rocking the new shininess too. As the last two snuses have come in a traditional flavor, followed by Oden's expanding the Extreme line with 59 - it makes sense that V2 would release their newest as a mint, to provide something to those nicotine fueled that want that little extra kick. Well, this has a much bigger kick.

I'm not the biggest fan of mint. Though I've been digging ChocMint lately due to it's different flavor and twist on the traditional mint taste, I can still approach a mint snus objectively - as it's pretty much all I stuffed my face with for like a year. When you open the can the first thing noticable is just how moist these portions are - they're almost black, pretty much the most moist portions I've ever seen. The aroma is much like traditional Frosted, Spearmint - but more strong and with an almost chocolate like hint in the background. Maybe that's just the tobacco leaf used - as in Ettan there's a chocolate hint, but that's not in the recipe. The snus has a hell of a tingle in the lip, and a very minty taste - the spearmint is pretty much the only thing I taste - so it's much like traditional Frosted. As the portions are very moist there is a hell of a drip. The nicotine kick is killer. V2 is really good at making some high free nicotine levels, this snus is no different. It is a very strong snus. No, I take that back, it is an ULTRA strong snus. As I don't use too many starks I notice nicotine levels pretty well, so to me this is quite strong. If you use a lot of starks - this may not be as strong as you'd expect, but it's still noticable.

In closing - Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong is part of the first wave of new Ultra Strong snuses and probably not the last. I'd expect more of these to come soon from various companies in the higher nicotine classification. If you're a fan of mint and high nicotine, this would be right up your alley. Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong is available currently from BuySnus.com.

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