Mocca Macchiato Review. (Discontinued) 6 Oct 09.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Mocca is a line from Fiedler & Lundgren. In the past I've tried and reviewed 2 other of their products - Pomegranate and Mint. I wasn't a big fan of the mint, but I did greatly enjoy the Pomegranate. It had a great flavor. I was excited to hear about their newest release, Macchiato, and even more excited when I saw it arrive in the mail today with my Fellinni Mint.

Now, about Mocca Macchiato. Macchiato is an Italian word, meaning "marked". As a beverage, it is a shot (sometimes more than one shot) of espresso with foam on top. Alot of people do it differently, but that's traditionally how I've had mine prepared. Now, how does the snus compare? Opening a can of Mocca Macchiato is like opening a bag of coffee beans. Not ground, but pure coffee beans. A deep, robust aroma. Like the smell of a dark, roasted Italian coffee bean. It's not overpowering, but the smell is very pure and you can pick up the notes that make up the snus.

The portions are mini white portions, each containing 5mg of nicotine per portion. Also, they are quite dry, so pre-wetting is helpful. The flavor, surprisingly, is alot more mild than the aroma. That is not to say the flavor is weak, or lacking - because it isn't. But it isn't strong and overbearing - which to me is a good thing, because in my opinion - the best part of coffee is the aroma, the flavor is just an added bonus. Once the smell captures your senses and you start to enjoy the flavor, it's a beautiful ride from there on. The flavor, of course, has the taste of coffee, and is slightly sweet. It also has a mild salt flavor, which is very enjoyable. The slightly sweet taste of coffee blends very well with the mild salt flavor and provides a pure, but mellow flavor.

Mocca Macchiato is a great snus. F&L have made a great, new product to fill a void that many snus users have been asking for. A coffee flavored snus. But as with coffee flavored snus in the past (Offroad Coffee Vanilla) this is a limited edition, so enjoy it while you can.


  1. Dang. I might have to try this crud. I hated pomegranate, but it's been a few years...

  2. It's definitely good. Maybe those who like Offroad Coffee Vanilla can find a new love ;)


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