22 April 2011

Offroad Coola (White Portion) - Review (Discontinued). 22 April 2011.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Since I reviewed Thunder Coola recently, I've been hoping for a Offroad Coola, especially in a white portion. Not just to get the reduced nicotine content, but because the white portion seems to let the flavor develop much more slowly and in a more balanced, mellow way. Offroad Coola doesn't fail to deliver. This is some good stuff! From the moment you open the can, a very sweet, mellow Cola aroma comes through much like Thunder Coola, but subdued. It has a slight menthol-y aroma to it, maybe camphor in the recipe, but I dunno. Not mint, but a little tingle.

As soon as you put the portion in your lip there's a slight tingle/burn that comes with it - it's quite nice. To be clear, that's not mint. I don't know if there's a menthol/camphor presence in this snus that adds that little tingle, but it is nice. The flavor develops slowly, and is like Thunder Coola Lite, all the attributes it's big brother has - just more chill and balanced. A very natural, simple Cola taste with a tad salt taste in the background and a little sweetness. One thing I really want to touch on is the portion material. The new white portions coming from V2 are top notch, due to a new portion machine they recently added. Full portions, very moist, but still classic white in appearance. Extremely comfortable mouthfeel. All around, Offroad Coola White Portion is a great snus.

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  1. Working through my first roll now. At first not impressed but now growing on me. I'm starting to love the cool cola flavor.