Two Special Gotlandssnus Los Products - Fläder & Plain Los! 31 January 2011.

I won't lie, sometimes - it's cool being a world renowned snus blogger. Especially on days like I had last week when random snus shows up on my doorstep, especially the kind that isn't released to the market (yet?). Such as Elderflower (Fläder) Los and Plain Los. The Plain Los is pretty cool because as many of you know, Gotlandssnus recently announced they would be discontinuing Gul (Yellow/Original) Los which apparently has quite a devout fan following - I wasn't aware of all the loyalists! So I'll be honest - I do have ulterior motives for this article. The Green/Fläder Los - yeah, that's all me. I love the stuff. I'd love to see it in production. The Plain Los would make a great replacement to the Gul (Yellow/Original) Los, so if you're a fan, sound off in the comments section below and let the folks at Gotlandssnus know you want to see it. Maybe as a limited run, maybe as an addition to their line, but I'm curious to see how many folks would get behind it.

To talk about these two snuses, they both have the traditional Gotlandssnus grind. Pretty easy to work with, stays together well in the lip, and very soft, comfortable snus. This stuff didn't actually come in these cans, so I added the snus samples to existing Green and Yellow cans for added effect and classiness. The flavor quality doesn't deteriorate, today it's just as good as it was a week ago, so for a testing snus that's pretty impressive. They have found a way to maintain the flavor of the Green/Fläder in Los form, which to my understanding was one of the problems with it not being released in los yet.

The Green/Fläder Los takes everything I love about Gotlandssnus Green Portion and really took it up another level. The flavors are more pronounced - bold green apple flavor, strong notes of elderflower, a wonderful salt balance, a natural herbal flavor tying it all together - I mean this stuff is wonderful. It's just like the portion but much more pronounced, which is what I was hoping the los would be! The Plain Los is also fabulous. It reminds me a lot of Prima Fint, but with some obvious differences. I've found it to be more bold than Prima Fint, or Ettan for that matter. Granted, it's a very mellow, subdued, simple snus, I find this one does stand out a bit more than Prima Fint does. I like it because it's a no BS tobacco snus - very simple flavor. As it develops I can pick up earthy notes, mellow hints of chocolate, and a gentle salt balance in the back. It's really good stuff.

So there you have it. Two really great snuses. I'd love to see both of these up for sale, so if you're interested or it's something you want to see happen - sound off in the comments below or shoot us an email -


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