17 January 2011

What's up with Gotlandssnus? 17 January 2011

A recent SnusCENTRAL article has got a lot of people worried, especially fans of Gotland's products, that their favorite brands are going away or are going to be discontinued. There is some truth in that, however don't fret! Gotlandssnus AB Market R/D guy Jimmy Karlsson dropped the official word on it today at SnusOn. Please excuse the Swenglish. "The Fläder portion is one of our most successful snus[es] on the internet. The "GRÅSNUS" anis portion and loose is our first snus [that] we launched [in] 2002. We have NO plan whatsoever to stop producing or stop selling on the internet regarding the flavours abow[above].. One thing I can tell you that is correct is that the Original portion and Original Loose will be sold out on stock and discontinued. This is becolse[because] of the werry[very] low sales rate on the original portion and original loose. For you who want a simular[similar] taste you can use: Jakobsson´s classic and Jakobsson´s Classic strong." If BuySnus/SnusCENTRAL drop these items, Northerner.com will still carry them, so they'll still be available, just from a different source if you purchased from one of the E-Stores you bought these from.

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