31 March 2016

Kapten Melon & LD Special Vit - Previews. 31 March 2016.

The beginning and end of the year is always the most exciting for the snus world - it's when we get the most new products. So far this year we've seen 13 products discontinued and 28 new products launched.

Via "snusgeneralen" on Instagram comes this photo of a new product from JTI, LD Special Vit. The product description on Hagman's Tobak says, "Popular LD come here with a white pouch, but slim pouches."  I'm a big fan of LD Snus so I'm pretty excited about them going to slim portions!
Via "hp.henke" on Instagram comes this photo of a new product from AG Snus, Kapten Mint Extra Stark Vit.  The melon flavor is becoming quite popular lately, it seems. Currently there are several melon snuses on the market. There's Oden's Extreme Melon and Olde Ving Melon from GN Tobacco. From Gotlandssnus there's Cruiser Chew Melon, Jakobsson's Melon Strong, Jakobsson's Melon Mini and Jakobsson's Melon Stark White. And from V2 Tobacco there's Thunder Melon Extra Strong.  Now it appears that AG Snus wants to get in on the action and launch one under their Kapten brand.  I don't have any information about this one, so if I find anything else out, I'll update this post.

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