27 April 2015

Cruiser Chew (Classic & Melon) - Reviews. 27 April 2015.

Cruiser Chew is a new product from Gotlandssnus made for the EU. Since Swedish Snus is illegal in the EU, many manufacturers are making products using Swedish manufacturing methods in the way they would make Swedish Snus, but selling them as "Chewing Tobacco". Yes, I know that it sounds ridiculous, but the EU's tobacco policies don't make every much sense, either. When it comes to Cruiser Chew, the production process is described in detail on their website. The tobacco comes in cardboard boxes and is kept in a humidity and temperature controlled environment. It’s then moistened and cut using a “guillotine cutter”. Then it’s stored in barrels for a few week for fermentation to occur. The tobacco is then pasteurized by being heated with water and salt. Then the ingredients are added and the tobacco is emptied into barrels with airtight lids. It is stored in those barrels until it’s ready to be packaged. The tobacco is wrapped in chewable paper and packed in cans.

To do a comparison between a Swedish Snus portion (left) and a Cruiser Chew portion (right), you can see that the Swedish Snus tobacco is much more finely ground than the cruiser chew, which is cut in a more coarse manner.  I've brightened the photo so you can get a little more detail when you view the product comparisons.  The cut tobacco has an adequate amount of moisture and isn't dry, by any means.  The Cruiser Chew tobacco has an adequate amount of moisture.  The Cruiser Chew portions are black, which is similar to a white portion but the portion material comes in a different color.

When it comes to usage, the Cruiser Chew website says that this product is different from traditional chewing tobacco and should be used in a different way. It’s placed in the upper or lower lip and if one needs more nicotine or flavor you can chew on the pouch one or two times and put it back in your lip.  Honestly, I didn't feel the need to chew on it.  Both portions provided adequate flavor and nicotine when they were placed in my upper lip and I didn't have any issue with needing to chew them.

Cruiser Chew Classic

The flavor description says, "Traditional tobacco flavor with notes of bergamot and citrus."  The aroma that comes through when you open a can of Classic is a mild smell of citrus, it smells like a mild mix of lemon and bergamot.  The aroma doesn't come through with any sweetness like past Jakobsson's Classic products - it's a much more traditional Swedish Snus smell.  The taste is a mild taste of tobacco with notes of bergamot, a slight tartness, a touch of pepper and a nice salt balance to wrap it all up.  The flavor of this one is a much more traditional Swedish Snus flavor.  The tobacco taste is present and pairs very well with the flavors of citrus.  The portions are very comfortable in the lip and are moist but don't drip much.  Cruiser Chew has a nicotine content of 10mg/g, so it's a little bit stronger than a regular snus portion, but not as strong as a strong portion.

Cruiser Chew Melon

When it comes to Cruiser Chew Melon, the flavor description says, "Has a characteristic taste of melon with hints of pear." If you've had Jakobson's Melon you'll be familiar with this product.  When you open a can, a bold and fruity aroma of watermelon comes through with a slight hint of pear in the background (yes, it is noticeable).  The taste is a sweet and fruity taste of watermelon and a very mild pear flavor in the background.  There is a touch of salt that helps to enhance the flavor, as well.  I don't detect any of the tobacco taste in this one, the fruit flavor is very front and center.  The portions are quite comfortable in the lip, moist but without a lot of drip.  The nicotine content is 10mg/g - so a little stronger than an regular nicotine portion but not quite as strong as a strong portion.

As far as Cruiser Chew goes, I know Northerner stocks it in their "Nordic Chew" section, but I don't think they sell it to the US yet.  Cruiser Chew is a great product.  The Classic flavor is a traditional Swedish Snus flavor and the Melon flavor is a refreshing fruity taste that reminds me of Jakobson's Melon.  Both of these products are harm reduced alternatives, so if you're in the EU and can't get snus - but want to enjoy harm reduced tobacco, definitely grab some of these.  They're both very good!

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  1. Great reviews once again from Snubie.com. May I opine, based on your observations of the EU's inane regulations and laws, that snus users here in the States and ST users in general, understand that their voice and ballots matter. Freedom-loving people should keep in mind that those who would protect us from ourselves, more often than not, are serving on the vanguard of tyranny. Presently I am confronted with using US smokeless products, more injurious to my health, than the preferable snus, because I simply cannot, at this juncture, afford the shipping costs associated with the PACT Act. I use smokeless products sparingly but still.. all of this due to the "good intentions" of our EU-styled administration here in the US. I do not mean to turn this into a political thread but I think, much like gun owners, the snusing community (often one in the same) really needs to start thinking about a "snus rights" movement or something along those lines. There are innumerable interests, based on economic, regulatory and utopian idealistic considerations, that would love to see Snus legislated out of existence. In my case, affordable snus already has.