19 January 2016

Granit Intensive Vit (Xtra Stark) (Discontinued) - Review. 19 January 2016.

Note:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Back in 2012, I reviewed Granit Stark Vit and Granit Intensive Vit (Xtra Stark). Both of these products were discontinued shortly after I reviewed them. However, a few months ago, they were relaunched. I reviewed the new Granit Stark Vit a few days ago, and now I'll be doing a re-review of Granit Intensive Vit (Xtra Stark). What's interesting is that the Granit Stark Vit was originally in a white can and now comes in a black can. Granit Intensive Vit originally came in a white can, and now it comes in a black can. I noticed that the Granit Stark Vit tasted different, so I was curious if this one had changed in flavor. The flavor description says, "Granit Intensive white portion (vit portion) have a pure and clear taste of tobacco - and hints of bergamot and peppery. Extra strong white portion type with higher nicotine. Easy to use and handle."

One thing that is interesting about this snus is that the bottom of the can lists lakrits and salmiak as ingredients. When I reviewed these products back in 2012, I did notice a little lakrits flavor, but I don't notice it in the newer versions of these products. The aroma of Granit Intensive Vit is a mellow tobacco smell and a touch of citrus. The portions are quite soft and feel very comfortable in the lip. Last time I reviewed this product, I noticed it tasted the exact same as Granit Stark Vit. However, this time I noticed that this product tastes different from Granit Stark Vit. The tobacco flavor is a little more mild and less present, but comes through as a very gentle, earthy tobacco taste. The citrus is more present and a little more tart, but comes through in a much more clean and clear way. There's a little bit of pepper but not as noticeable as Granit Stark Vit. One thing that is common of both of these snus products is that they are a little bit saltier than your average snus. I believe that's due to the salmiak in the ingredients.  As far as the nicotine content goes, it doesn't feel like an Xtra Stark at all.  It feels like a strong portion, but not an extra strong.  So you'll notice just a little more nicotine than your average snus, but not a lot.  This is a decent snus, but not anything mind blowing by any means.

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