25 August 2015

Kaliber Special Vit - Review (Discontinued). 25 August 2015.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of Kaliber Original and Kaliber White Portion. Don't get me wrong, they're decent snuses for what they are, value priced products. But they aren't something I would order again. This product, however, I do enjoy. The flavor description says, "Kaliber White has a medium-bodied and floral tobacco flavor with hints of wild herbs, citrus and red berries. A medium-bodied and floral tobacco taste with notes of citrus and tea, along with hints of ceder."  For a budget snus, this product packs a surprisingly good flavor with some complexity to it.

When you open a can, you'll notice the portions are a little lighter than your average 1 gram portions from Swedish Match.  Honestly, it's not that noticeable in the lip, however.  The aroma is a mellow smell of citrus and a little hint of red berry/dried fruit.  The flavor is where this snus excels.  It's a bunch of mild tastes mixed together, but the come together in a beautiful way.  There are mild tastes of citrus mixed with a little dried fruit flavor and a light/airy herbal and floral flavor mixed in.  There's just a little citrus but it's very mild and stays in the background. It's kind of like a blend between Göteborgs Rapé, Tre Ankare and Roda Lacket. It's a very interesting and complex flavor that comes through in a very mild and gentle way.  If you're a fan of complex flavored snus products, definitely try this one out!

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