22 July 2014

How and where to buy snus in the US. 22 July 2014.

Since 2007, awareness of real Swedish Snus has been growing in America. People are finding out that Camel, Marlboro and Skoal are all crap and not REAL snus and wanting to make the switch to the real stuff. The scene has changed a lot since I started snusing in 2009, whereas in 2009 it was easier to buy online and harder to find locally - now it is harder to buy online and easier to buy locally.

The biggest selection of Swedish Snus is available by purchasing online at a webstore such as BuySnus.com, SnusCENTRAL.com or Northerner.com. Most of these stores carry the same products, but some carry a few products that others don't. The thing that gets most people about ordering online is the shipping charge. Due to the PACT Act, the US Government mandated that all tobacco shipped in the US has to be done via an age verification carrier, and the one that everyone uses is UPS. That high cost of shipping isn't something the webstore is profiting off of, but the necessary cost of shipping to comply with the PACT Act. As I've suggested in the past, the best way to buy online is to buy in bulk, and look for specials. SnusCENTRAL runs weekly/monthly specials, and BuySnus also runs specials several times a month.

If you're looking for some different products, you can check out Northerner.com. They carry a large variety of products not carried by BuySnus or SnusCENTRAL. I'm a big fan of LD and Gustavus, and Northerner is the only place I can get those.

Here's some of the products Northerner carries that the other two stores don't:

Portion Snus:
Blue Ocean, Epok Breeze, Epok Original, Epok Pinje, Granit Lakrits, Granit Mint, Gustavus Portion, Jakobsson’s Melon Mini, Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Mini, Kaliber Lakrits, Kapten Lakrits White, Kapten White, Knekt White, Knekt Portion, LD 30 Original, LD 30 White, LD Enbar, LD Original, LD Salmiak, LD Salmiak White, LD White, Lenny’s Cut, Lundgren’s Mint Strong White, Lundgren’s White, Oden’s Extreme 29 Portion, Oden’s No3 Portion, Oden’s Vanilla Portion, Offroad Lakrits Portion, Offroad Lakrits White, Offroad Silver White, Offroad Silver Portion, Smaland’s White, Smaland’s Lakrits Vit, Smaland’s Portion, Taboca Extra Strong, Taboca White, Taboca Original Portion, Telemark Xtra Fresh, Telemark Xtra Tobakk,, WoW Salty Stuff, WoW Sunny Honey, WoW Wintermint

Los Snus:
Gustavus Loose, Kapten Los, LD Loose, Lundgren’s Forbakad, Oden’s Lime Los, Oden’s Lakrits Los, Oden’s No3 Los, Oden’s Original Los, Offroad Frosted Los, Offroad Lakrits Loose, Offroad Original Loose, Offroad Silver Loose, Smaland’s Loose

For several years now, Swedish Match has been pushing more and more into the US, and you can find several of their products available in your local area. They have a store locator at GeneralSnus.com that you can use to find a store near you that carries one of their products. Currently in the US, they sell their traditional "round can" line - General White Portion, General Original Portion, General Mint, General Wintergreen, General Mini Mint and General Loose.
Since PACT went into effect, Rick Charles of Phillips and King International has been working to get other snus brands into the US. You can find a list of stores that they sell snus at SnusDistribution.com. That list isn't entirely correct but it's the most accurate list that is available now until a more up to date store locator is made available. If you're looking for snus and your store isn't listed and you're not sure if they sell Swedish Snus or you'd like to see it added - Rick welcomes your emails with questions or suggestions, you can contact him at rickcharles@kretek.com. They carry a very wide range of products in the US, from V2 Tobacco they sell Thunder Frosted Portion, Thunder Frosted Loose, Thunder Original Portion, Thunder Original Loose, Thunder Wintergreen, Offroad Frosted Portion and Offroad Frosted Loose. From Northerner, they sell Northerner Citrus Menthol, Northerner Licorice, Northerner Wine & Dine and Stockholm Ice. From Gotlandssnus/Jakobsson's, they sell Jakobsson's Wintergreen Strong, Jakobsson's Classic Strong and Jakobsson's Mint Strong.  Oden's Snus is no longer sold in the US by them for the time being.


  1. Another option for the US market is www.snus24.com
    A lot of different Swedish snus that you can't get from the stores above.

  2. made recent order from snus24.com and ups sent email that an addition $39.22 is due upon delivery for import tax. has anybody else have this happen? I only ordered 25 cans