02 August 2014

General Original Portion - Review. 2 August 2014.

I've been writing about snus for about 5 years now, and it amazes me that I haven't reviewed one of the forefathers of snus - General Original Portion. With it's popularity in Sweden and how much it's growing in the US, I figured I should take the time to write about it. I've been a General fan for as long as I've been snusing, starting with General Mini Mint/Mint in early 2009, and moving to General White Portion in late 2009, and using mostly General White/General Long for the past 4 years. I throw in some General Original Portion from time to time to mix it up, as well. The product description for General Original Portion describes it as, " The one and only General Classic Portion! Swedish snus Classic with a spicy taste and pronounced bergamot flavor. Add a hint of tea, grass and leather... Bergamot is a citrus fruit which provides the snus with a fresh taste. For many snusers around the world, General Portion is synonymous for real Swedish snus... Now in 1g-portions again - 24g tobacco weight per can! Full-sized pouch, moistened for fast and robust flavor release."

When it comes to snus, General Original Portion is as straight up Swedish Snus as it gets. When you open the can the aroma of citrus greets you immediately.  Since it's an original portion, the portions are much more moist than a white portion.  After a little fluffing, the portions are very comfortable in the lip. The taste is the traditional taste of bergamot, a type of citrus reminiscent of a grapefruit/orange blend, a mellow salt balance, and that kick of pepper that most General products have in common. It's a great snus and has a great taste.


  1. Man, I bought this stuff after the rave reviews on your site- it tastes like crap. Salty and weird, I have no idea how you can like this stuff. For as much as you diss Camel snus at least it tastes alright, I even tried the General Mint and it tastes OK at first but gets way bitter after about 10 minutes and I have to spit it out. At least this stuff only cost $2 a can so I won't feel bad about throwing it away.

    1. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of American tobacco is that they use a massive amount of sugar to dumb down American taste buds. I was the same way when I started snusing, the taste of General turned me off. But in time as I explored Swedish Snus more, my taste began to refine and develop and I grew an appreciation for Swedish Snus. For example, Camel "SNUS" uses such low grade tobacco they have to mask the flavor with all those disgusting sweeteners. It's why Camel "SNUS" tastes so bad and you can't use it for long. With Swedish Snus, for example, the salt accentuates the taste of the tobacco.

  2. Swedish Snus is the best - I'm American, and if I want candy I buy Gummy Bears and if I want good Snus I buy General Original Portions. I support Swedish Match as much as possible. Great product form a great company.

  3. I started out using Camel Snus and then became curious about real Swedish Snus. I tracked down some General Snus and love it. The only time I use Camel is when I run out of General.