General Tailored White Review (Discontinued). 3 May 2013.

NOTE:  General Tailored White has been discontinued and is no longer produced. General XRANGE Slim Large White and General G3 White (Normal Strength) have been introduced to take it's place.

This is probably the product I'm most excited about this year. General Tailored White. At first glance, it's just General White in a fancy new can, but there's more to it than that. It's described as this: "General Tailored is a new General Product with soft pouch and optimized fit. Dry on the surface and less runny for a fresh feeling. General Tailored is based on innovation NATUFIBE®. NATUFIBE® is a natural material consisting of one type of plant fiber, which is mixed with tobacco meal for improved properties in the form of soft pouch and optimized fit."

The can is super cool looking, very classy with a denim/stitched style on top of it. The portions are amongst the most comfortable I've ever had, right up there with LD Black, which felt like silk on your gum. The can is smaller, but only slightly, than a regular sized snus can, it's about the size of a dip can.

As far as the taste, it's the classic General White Portion taste. I reviewed it and 2009 and used it for quite some time, before falling in love with General Long Extra Strong. To quote my review of General White, "A mild taste of salt began, and then small notes of pepper. A taste of citrus started to blend in, and continued to grow, balancing and blending perfectly with the mild taste of salt and the small notes of pepper began to grow until all these flavors - salt, pepper, citrus, and the 23 different types of tobacco from four different continents. As I continued to savor these tastes, I knew it was an experience like no other. I was enjoying a product that has a strong, rich history. The flavor speaks for itself. All of these elements combined to form a unique, pure, very distinct flavor that proves why General carries the logo, "The One Taste." Because they can back it up. No other snus exhibits flavor like this."


  1. Good for you, Chad! I think you beat the rest of us back to sobriety and got the first reviews of the new products out.

    The point not to miss with General Tailored White is not the snus, but the NATUFIBE® pouch.

    It is the most comfortable pouch I've ever used, not just when inserting a portion but throughout the entire experience.

    The NATUFIBE® pouch is not just a new white portion pouch; it is completely new type of pouch that drips like a white portion.

    My hope is Swedish Match will eventually upgrade all their white portion snuses to NATUFIBE® pouches.

    I really encourage every snuser to add just 1 can to your next order. It is the next evolution of the White portion pouch.

    Larry Waters

  2. light pepper?? It taste like i put a pepper grinder in my mouth and begane to turn the nob!


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