Cannadips Rippers (HHCP Pouches) - Review. 1 November 2023.

I've been a big fan of Cannadips for many years now. Lately, they've been expanding and adding a lot of new things to their portfolio including caffeine pouchesmelatonin pouchesnicotine pouchesHHCP pouches, THCP pouches, as well as Delta 8 pouches!  Today, we're checking out their HHCP (or HHC-P) pouches.  If you're not familiar with HHCP, it's a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant.  It has some pretty interesting effects.  These including relaxing, stress release, increased appetite, mood improvement, and euphoric feelings.  Like other Cannadips products, the cans weigh 8.25g, and has 15 pouches, for a weight of 0.55g per pouch.  Each pouch has 1.5mg of HHCP per pouch.  That may not sound like much, but it's potent!  Also, Cannadips notes this product is made from hemp and is under .3% THC however can make you fail a drug test.  Today, we have two HHCP products to talk about, but first I want to talk about their commonalities.  Then we'll talk about where they are different in each review, mainly aroma and flavor.

Pouch / Mouthfeel - Each pouch is light, lighter than a snus pouch.  They are slightly dry, but feel soft.  Under the lip I found them to be pretty comfortable.  As they moisten up under the lip, I found them to get more soft, too.
Flavor Longevity - Cannadips is known for their flavor longevity.  With these, I've noticed them to have a lot of that.  I've been able to enjoy over an hour of flavor with each pouch.
HHCP Sensation - When I used these, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I did notice some appetite increasing, which is nice, because I've been trying to gain weight, so I did eat some more.  I did notice some relaxing effects, as well as anxiety relief.  I've had anxiety for years, so I did note some relief from that.

Cannadips Rippers HHCP Blue Razz
Flavor Description:  "This pouch is bursting with a sweet and tangy blueberry flavor that we know you will love".

Review:  Opening the can, I notice a sweet, tangy, tart aroma.  There's a nice, mild presence of blueberry to it.  In the flavor, it's pretty good.  The blue raspberry flavor is mild, gentle, and semi-sweet.  It's also slightly tart, but not overly tart!

Cannadips Rippers HHCP OG Kush
Flavor Description:  "A hybrid with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice".

Review:  Lastly, we have OG Kush!  This one has a pretty earthy aroma to it.  It's slightly herbal, and comes through with a little spice to it.  The flavor is pretty complex, and enjoyable.  It's slightly earthy, with some grassy tones to it.  It's dark, rich, and has a nice herbal tone to it.  It's slightly spicy, and has an overall dank presence to it.  This one certainly has a pretty intriguing, but complex flavor profile to it.  The flavors do tie together pretty nicely.

Rating and Final Thoughts

All in all, these were pretty nice!  I enjoyed the HHCP effect, and there were two solid flavors in this category.  Blue Razz came out on top at 4.38/5.  Right behind it was OG Kush, at 4.04/5.  If you like their CBD pouches but want something with more effect and a little more potent, I definitely think you'll find enjoyment with these!

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