Baccoff Coffee Pouches - Review. 26 February 2020.

Back in 2018, I reviewed Baccoff Pouches, a tobacco-free dip alternative, made of black tea. Now, they've launched a new product: Baccoff Coffee Pouches. I'm a big fan of Grinds Coffee Pouches, so I was pretty excited to try these! This is how Baccoff describes them: "If you are a coffee lover, a dipper, or just looking for the best coffee pouches on the market, look no further. BaccOff has the most satisfying coffee pouches on the market. They’re sweet, they’re rich, they’re just right. For dippers and non-dippers alike, our coffee pouches are plain good. If you are a dipper looking an alternative when you quit, look no further."

Here's a look at what's inside the pouch itself.  Of course, this is a tobacco-free product, so inside the pouch you'll find moist, ground coffee.  While it may look similar to tobacco, it isn't! Baccoff Coffee Pouches also contain sugar, natural and artificial flavors, glycerin, salt, water, caramel coloring, sodium benzoate (to assure the flavor), and cellulose fiber.  Baccoff contains 25mg of caffeine per pouch, or about 1/4 cup of coffee.  This is about the same amount Grinds also has in their products, for those wondering.  With these products, you can use them if you want to quit tobacco, or, use them if you like the taste of coffee!  My wife has never used tobacco, but uses Grinds quite a bit for the caffeine.

In this review, I'll be reviewing four products.  There are some parts of them that are the same, so to not sound redundant I'll tell you about those parts.  The portions are pretty plump, moist, and have a quick release of flavor.  The effect feels, to me, like a quick little caffeine jolt.  And for the flavor longevity, they seem to last about 35-45 minutes on average!  Now, on to the flavor reviews!

Baccoff Coffee Pouches (Caramel):

Flavor Description: "Buttery sweet caramel blended with a dark, satisfying coffee roast."

Contents:  16 gram can weight with 20 portions, for 0.8g each.

When you open the can of this one, it’s a pretty buttery presence. I notice hints of caramel, and dark coffee. The taste is quite buttery, accompanied by a smooth, sweet mix of caramel. There’s also well rounded hints of dark coffee in the background!

Baccoff Coffee Pouches (Mocha):

Flavor Description: "Dark, creamy chocolate mixed with a sweet, smooth coffee blend."

Contents:  16 gram can weight with 20 portions, for 0.8g each.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a dark, sweet, chocolatey coffee smell. The flavor of this one is a dark, robust coffee taste. There’s also a light, creamy sweetness to this one. In the background, I also notice a hint of dark chocolate.

Baccoff Coffee Pouches (Vanilla):

Flavor Description: "Sweet, satisfying pure vanilla bean flavor with undertones of bold coffee and cream."

Contents:  16 gram can weight with 20 portions, for 0.8g each.

This one has a present, dark coffee smell. There’s also a smooth, lightly sweet vanilla presence in the aroma. The flavor is a well rounded, robust coffee flavor. It’s accompanied by a smooth, creamy, lightly sweet vanilla flavor!

Baccoff Coffee Pouches (Wintergreen):

Flavor Description: "Wintergreen and Coffee. A surprisingly perfect combination."

Contents:  16 gram can weight with 20 portions, for 0.8g each.

The aroma of wintergreen is quite present. It is a lightly sweet, present smell of American wintergreen. There’s a dark, coffee smell in the background. The flavor is predominantly American wintergreen, and it’s accompanied by a light sweetness, and a dark, robust coffee flavor! I'm not a fan of the wintergreen flavor, but I find the coffee makes it more enjoyable for me.

So, what are my final thoughts on these?  I enjoyed them.  I don't use this type of product much, but I do enjoy it from time to time.  I find them comparable to Grinds, and of a good quality, as well.  They have a great, natural taste, and a long lasting flavor!  If you're looking to quit tobacco, or just a coffee lover looking for something new to try out, check these out!  They're available at!