Snubie 10 Year Anniversary Sale! 29 April 2019.

May marks the 10 year anniversary of, and to celebrate, our friends at are offering a discount on 5 Skruf products selected by you! The top 5 winners you picked are Skruf Tranbar, Skruf Original Portion, Skruf Blackberry, Skruf Stark Los, and Skruf Red Rhuby. While companies don't really do half off anymore, these products are available with a deal where you buy 10 cans, and get five free. Skruf Original Portion, for example, is around $3.64 a can when you buy a roll. But if you buy a roll and get 5 cans free, it drops to $2.44 per can. That's a pretty good drop in price per can, so if you like these 5 products, it's a great way to save some money!

You can find these products at the On Sale section at  This deal runs April 29th through May 5th.  Thanks to Skruf, and thanks to for doing this!  And also, thanks to all of you readers and viewers fo!