12 December 2015

Skruf (Original Portion) - Review. 12 December 2015.

I originally posted this in a review with Skruf Stark Los that I did back in November of 2014.  In the past, I would often do reviews of two products in one article.  However, that proved troublesome as products would be discontinued and it would make articles look confusing.  So over the past year I've been separating articles into their own reviews if they were in a post with another product.  So, here we are with Skruf Original Portion.  Skruf recently did a redesign of their product line and since I've also been updating a lot of older articles with more current photos, as a lot of products I've reviewed over the past almost 7 years have changed in design.

When it comes to Skruf Original Portion, the product description says, "Has pure and mild tobacco taste with hints of bergamot and rose oil."  When you open a can of Skruf OP, the aroma that comes through is a mellow tobacco smell with a hint of citrus and a slight sweetness.  I like original portions more than white portions because the flavor is more bold - and with a snus like Skruf that has such a rich flavor I want to get as much of it as I can.  The flavor of tobacco is present, but not very bold.  The real highlight of this snus is the citrus and rose oil.  The flavor of bergamot is very present, and is enhanced by the slight sweetness of the rose oil.  These tastes actually work really well with each other and compliment each other very well.  This is a snus I really enjoy and definitely suggest trying.


  1. Hi Chad,

    This is the Norway version you reviewed? http://www.skruf.se/index2.php

    1. It looks like norwegian version. Swedish version doesn't have original on the can and norwegian does. Swedish only have skruf portion written on the can.