20 April 2018

Skoal "Snus" (Original/Originale) - Review. 20 April 2018.

If you've read my website/blog long, you know I'm not fan of American "snus". I actually did a video on the differences between American "snus" and real Swedish Snus if you're new to snus and want to learn more. This particular Skoal "snus" product is sold in Canada. What's interesting about this one is that due to legal restrictions, snus sold in the great white north is prohibited from having any added flavor. And yes, while this is a Canadian product, it's made in the US. In the past, I reviewed the other two Skoal "snus" products sold in the US - Skoal Mint and Smooth Mint, and I wasn't a fan of those. So going into this, I was more than a little nervous. A special thanks to Jean-S├ębastien, a fan of Snubie.com, who sent this to us for review.

When I first got this product, I noticed that the pouches were abnormally huge like other Skoal products in the past.  So, I had to do a cut test to see what was inside.  Comparing Skoal "snus" (on the left) to real Swedish Snus (on the right), you'll notice the Skoal "snus" looks like dry cigarette tobacco, nothing like real snus!  The snus on the right, real Swedish Snus, is moist, ground, and soft.  Now, what's interesting about all of this is that both portions have the exact same weight!  The Swedish Snus portion on the right is a 1 gram portion.  The Skoal "snus" portion on the left is also one gram.  I think because the tobacco is so dry, they're able to fit more of it into a pouch, thus making the pouch bigger.  Though I don't know why they would want to do that.

As far as product details, I really don't have any.  I know it's a Canadian product, so it's obviously no added flavor. It’s a 15 gram can with 15 portions, for 1 gram portions. The nicotine content says 20.2mg on the can. I don’t know if that’s per can or per portion. If it’s per can, that is 1.34mg/portion. If it’s per portion, that’s 20.2mg/portion.

When I first opened the can, the aroma that came through was a present sweetness and a mild tobacco smell. The tobacco smell reminded me a lot of smelling a cigarette. The portions are huge, but the portion material is soft. Granted, sometimes I like a “maxi” sized portion, but I couldn’t use these all the time. The taste is very sweet. Under the sweetness I can taste tobacco, but it’s very bland and reminds me, again, of cigarette tobacco. It reminds me of Camel Mellow “SNUS”, but much more sweet. The flavor doesn’t last too long, it usually dies at about the 30 minute mark. As far as the nicotine goes, I really don’t feel too much. It feels to be less strong than regular strength, comparing it to real snus. But there isn’t much nicotine there to speak of.

As far as this product goes, I'm not a fan. I tried to approach it as objectively as possible, but American "snus" is so much lower in quality than real snus it makes it hard to be objective.  But I am glad I got to try it!

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