Skoal "Snus" Mint & Smooth Mint - Reviews. 17 January 2011.

Disclaimer: Granted, I do write about American "snus" from time to time, but the focus of my blog/website is introducing people to REAL Swedish Snus. When it comes to snus, REAL Snus comes from Sweden. There's a difference, and the difference is big.  In fact, the reason I put "snus" in quotes when talking about American "snus" is because I don't consider it to be real snus.  Please read this article or watch this video to learn the difference for yourself.

Review Updated 4 November 2017

It's hard to believe it's been 6 years since I first reviewed Skoal "snus".  In fact, this article still remains my most read article out of all the articles I've written.  I'm glad, because Americans who are discovering these products are able to go on to learn about real Swedish Snus after learning about the American products.   Now, let's talk about this product.  Skoal "snus" was launched in 2011, a few years after RJ Reynolds launched Camel "SNUS".  Skoal "snus" is made by USST, the United States Smokeless Tobacco company.  They also make Copenhagen dip and, of course, Skoal dip.  What's interesting about this product is that Camel "SNUS", according to the can, uses 100% imported tobacco, whereas the Skoal "snus" can says it uses 100% American tobacco. The Camel "SNUS" cans are more oblong, while the Skoal "snus" cans look much more like standard American dip cans.  These cans contain "15 spit-free tobacco pouches".  It's interesting that they're called "pouches", because in the Swedish Snus world we've always called them portions.

I wanted to do a comparison, for our Swedish Snus audience, between Skoal "snus" and real Swedish Snus.  The first thing you'll notice is how incredibly huge these Skoal "pouches" are when compared to a regular size Swedish Snus pouch.  The other thing that stands out is the way the tobacco looks.  The Skoal "snus" tobacco is much dryer, and also much more fine cut.  The Swedish Snus tobacco is much more moist and clumpy.  The Skoal "snus" pouches are also more dry to the touch than Swedish Snus portions are. While Swedish Snus is discrete when you put it in the upper lip, the Skoal "snus" is much less discrete and creates a noticeable bulge in the upper lip.

Skoal Mint Review

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a sharp, overly sweet peppermint smell. There’s also a tobacco smell in the background that seems to have a dirty presence to it. The pouches are huge, and are slightly uncomfortable in the lip. When you put a pouch in the lip there’s a mild tingle and a light burn. The taste begins immediately with sugar, and then you’ll notice a light taste of peppermint and tobacco mix in. The tobacco flavor, like the aroma, has a dirty quality to it. It’s very odd tasting. The flavor is overall extremely sweet and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. The product doesn’t have much nicotine to it, either. I can’t say how long the flavor lasts, because I can usually only keep these in for about 15 to 20 minutes before they become to sweet and I have to take the pouch out.

Skoal Smooth Mint Review

This one has a mellow, sweet spearmint smell to it. Much like the last one, the pouches are huge and slightly uncomfortable in the lip. If you’re going for discretion, you won’t find it with these products. This one also has a mild tingle sensation and a light burn when you put one of the pouches in your lip. Like with the last one, you’ll experience an almost immediate taste of sugar. There’s a very sweet taste of spearmint with what seems like menthol in the background. The tobacco taste in the background is milder than the mint flavor but still seems to have that dirty quality to it. There’s also hardly any nicotine to speak of in this product. I can’t say how long the flavor lasts, as I can usually only keep this one in for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that it’s just too much sweetness for me to endure.

So, 6 years after I tried these products they're just as bad as I remember.  And I want to be clear, I went into these reviews trying to be as objective as possible, but I couldn't find much positive to say about them, especially when real Swedish Snus is so much better.  If you're a Skoal "snus" user, please read this article or watch this video to learn about the differences between American "snus" and real Swedish Snus. Whenever you're ready to dive into the world of Swedish Snus, hit up our Snus FAQ at to learn more about the real stuff!


  1. They only have 15 pouches per can?



  3. As an American Kodiak and Redman Wintergreen dipper I have to say that these actually hit their target mark very well. I enjoy Swedish snus very much but find it easier and ultimately more pleasurable using and dipping American tobacco. Habits are hard to change and I think many American dippers probably feel the same way. They are a different animal entirely from an accustomed too, full time snusser. If this was any smaller I (and probley many other American dippers) would find these a waste of time and money having to use three of them to come close to the size of a normal dip. To me they still are a little small but I will learn to live with it. The flavoring is different and tastes strong and fresh while using but does leave an after taste of having licked a dozen or so stamps. The strength is slightly (just slightly) weaker then regular dip and takes longer before you start to feel it. No quick rush of nicotine like I get from Redman or regular even Skoal Mint. I have to write that I am impressed with Skoal and would have sworn off their product entirely if they screwed this up. They didn't. I give the new Skoal Snus (both mint and Smooth Mint) a 7 out of 10. It is going to take some getting used to and mild adjustment switching from regular dip, but ultimately snus is safer and healthier. It doesn't tear your gums or stain your teeth up like regular dip, and best of all you dont have to walk around spitting which even I have admit is just goddamn gross.

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  5. I agree whole heartedly it is rather creepy not knowing something that is and should be pretty straight forward. Honestly though how many of the hundreds of thousands of American people (possibly millions) will ever concern themselves with TSNA's and cleaning detergents added to something they keep in their mouth hours a day? Swedish Snus is a superior product hands down physically and intellectually. I bought two cans of General and it really is so different then the dip I have been using for years that I dont know if I will ever be able to make the conversion.
    A side note at the tobacconist today I also bought two tins of Poschl Nasal Snuff. It is incredible!!! Using the snus and this smooth mind sharpening snuff hopefully I can break away from regular dip for good. Snuff is defintely something worth checking out.

  6. Nasal snuff is great, check out MrSnuff, he has great prices. I suggest Toque, very approachable for beginners and a huge selection of types/flavors/(aromas?).

  7. You didn't post a price on these and I'm wondering how they compare to the Marlboro or Camel offerings. I'm new to snus but have been reading up about it here and on other websites. I'm wanting to get a sample of some Swedish snus, but not sure who has the broadest samples available. Any suggestions to a snubie & former smoker?

  8. I figured I’d chime in with my 2 cents.

    Very Disappointed with this had; high hopes because of the name “Skoal”.

    The pouches are WAY TO BIG, as well as to sweet and the after taste stay way to long.
    If I wanted to look like a inbreed hick with a buba gump lip, I would jam 1/3 of can Skoal in my lip and
    Proceed to drool on myself.

    I’m a professional working in a professional environment, so going outside for a smoke, or drooling into a soda bottle in my office, neither of these is very becoming.

    The purpose of Snus is to provide a “Satisfying” way to deliver nicotine into your system, without excessive interference. (e.g. the spit, buba lip, no smoke smell, the list goes on).

    Skoal, will work in a pinch if my snus order has not shown up that’s about it.

    This looks like it is targeted at enticing new uses , it will soon be the gateway tobacco!
    1 it’s sweet (what kid would not like that.), 2 no spit (hey I can sneak it in at school, or home wit out anyone knowing.)

  9. Michael - prices and taxes vary by state, here they were base priced at $3.99 a can. Some states I saw an intro price of $2.05.

    I did these two articles:
    American "Snus" vs Swedish Snus

    And Marlboro "snus" vs Camel "SNUS"

    To help clarify some things.

  10. That being said, shoot me an email - and I'll see if I can't get some sample stuff out your way.

  11. The new Skoal Snus is awesome. It is a vast improvement over the Camel and Marlboro versions.

    I find the size of the pouch to be perfect. It may not be a good fit for a girls mouth or someone with a small chin. Most men should not have a problem with the size.

  12. Your blog is really awesome! Finally, someone who writes about snus in detail!

    Thanks! And btw, swedish snus IS the best snus!

  13. Love the blog. Just found it when I started a search trying to see what is going on with apple flavored Skoal. Owner of our local market said they can't order anymore because it's being discontinued. Well, then I got to reading and got interested in Snus. Your blog is the first time I have heard of Snus but now I really wanna learn more. Being a female in an area that really frowns down on women using I never really explored smoke shops and things like that, never thought any other substitute. I'm still bummed about my apple long cut but willing to explore.

    Again thanks for the info and taking the time to blog..

  14. I've been trying out the skoal snus for a couple weeks, camel and marlboro snus was too weak for me. Trying to quit dip and the low levels of nicotine just didn't do it for me. I have to say I'm almost convinced that the skoal snus is high in carcinogens, maybe not as high as traditional but so far it's the only american snus that is affecting my gum sensitivity and makes my mouth feel like i've been dipping. I'm gonna suck it up and pay the shipping and tariff costs and try out some swedish.

  15. cool review, pretty spot on. i get what you mean by too sweet and artificial even though ive never had swedish snus (definitely planning on it though). Btw chinese food is amazing, especially when it's authentic (aka not panda express lol)

  16. Nice blog article..also lovelove other's perspective. My employer has a "no TOBACCO policy. I get my boost and no one has noticed yet (I'm assuming that means i dont have a girl chin) I'm not much of a tobacconist and happened on Skoal Snus one day and have been relatively pleased. Well, one day when I ran out, I hit up the local gas station on my break and they had run out of the Skoal Snus so I tried the Camel Snus. It sucked. I was equally as happy to go without. So if there is anyone that wants a can of can of Camel Snus with only one portion missing...hit me up

  17. I use general mint on a everyday basis, but when i run out and need my nic fix, the skoal snus products really hit the spot.. I've tried all the thunder snus flavors as well, and I prefer skoal snus over any of them (except for thunder frosted raw)..
    If you run out of your Swedish snus, the skoal is the next best thing.. And as for the size of the skoal pouches, they are fine, A bit big, but very bearable and concealable..

  18. As a long time swedish snus user , and former Los user who preferred 1.5g prilla, I can safely say these are the most comfortable pouches and highest nic hit I've found in an American portion.. I usually use around 12-14mg/g range portions having switched away from Los for many reasons .. I have a large snus pocket in my lip while I like many of the new varieties of snus on the market (almost all of my snus is the "slim" type) ... I sometimes miss the mouthfeel of a large original portion such as jakobssons or even a general original large .. this hits the spot when I have to go a few days without my swedish stuff due to shipping etc ... actually makes me wonder if I'm raising my tolerance ! Compared to camel where I'm trying to find enough room in my mouth to use 5 portions to accomplish enough nicotine lol .. skoal gets it right by my book.

  19. Pouches are too big! Instead of fifteen large pouches, I would much prefer twenty pouches the size of Skoal Bandit pouches. I don't like the taste of the Double Mint flavor. I may another flavor. At the moment, I much prefer the wintergreen Skoal Bandits.

  20. smooth mint is better tasting than just mint am i right or no


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