17 April 2018

Two New Swedish Match Previews. 17 April 2018.

Via the Allt I Tobak Instagram Page - Swedish Match is releasing a couple of new products this summer.  I'm both excited and sad.  Excited, because I can't wait to try these.  Sad, because lately it has seemed like Swedish Match hasn't been allowing these products to be sold by e-stores that ship to the US.  Usually with a lot of work I can get ahold of these products for review, but I really wish they were more readily available for US consumers.  I'm hoping that Swedish Match has a change of heart before these are released!

Göteborg's Rapé (Limited Edition 2018)

Also, a new limited edition Göteborg's Rapé product! @Alltitobak on Instagram says they "Have heard from my companions that there will be hints of blueberries." This one is very interesting, as blueberry is not a common flavor in the snus world. Currently, the only ones produced are Epok Blueberry (Slim) from BAT/Winnington, and WOW! Blue Forest White Mini from GNT/SPT.  I'm very excited to see how this one turns out if it does, indeed, have a blueberry flavor!

General Gastronomy Series (Summer 2018) Portion

Next up from Swedish Match - General (Gastronomy Series) Summer 2018! If you recall, last year Swedish Match released General Kardus 2017: Hernö Gin in May 2017, a limited edition release. Shortly thereafter, they released General (Blended by Hernö Gin) in November 2017. I was told this was the "leftovers" of General Kardus 2017, but I don't have confirmation of that. This year, in March of 2018, Swedish Match released General Kardus 2018 (Gastronomy Series). It looks like they are following the pattern established last year and releasing a canned/portion version of the General Kardus 2018 released last month.  I don't have any more information about this, but I do look forward to trying it!

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