07 February 2018

General Titanium Black (Canada) - Review. 7 February 2018.

I've reviewed snus products from Canada before. In 2014 I reviewed General Titanium, Titanium W, and Fresh Taste. In 2015 I received General Titanium Ice. Also, in 2015, I reviewed Belmont Mintense and White Mint. After I reviewed those, Canada passed a flavor ban, which meant snus products couldn't have any added flavor. The first "no added flavor" products I reviewed were GN Tobacco's Siberia Red and Lenny Extra Stark White.  Today, we're talking about General Titanium Black, a "no flavored added" product released from Swedish Match.  I want to give a shout out to Michael Tomkinson who sent me this can.  Snus in Canada is expensive.  How expensive, you may be asking?  He paid $42 for this single can of snus.  I know, it's insane.

What's interesting about this product is that it contains 48 snus portions at 0.9 grams each.  This is a regular sized snus can, but it doesn't have a catch lid, which helps fit more portions in it. There are 48 portions total weighing 0.9 grams each. I’m assuming that puts the can weight at 43.2 grams. The nicotine content listed on the bottom of the can says 25mg/g (2.5%), which would be 22.50mg/portion.

So, how do they fit 48 portions in a snus can?  You can tell from this photo that it comes in the star formation, but it's actually two star formations on top of each other.  24 snus portions on the top layer, 24 snus portions on the bottom layer.  It's really interesting.

Another interesting thing about General snus in Canada is that it comes with a freshness seal you'll encounter when you take the lid off. If you’re new to snus, it actually gives you instructions! “1. Pop a portion under your upper lip. 2. Wait for the tingling sensation. 3. Keep doing whatever you are doing. 4. Experience its authentic taste for up to 30 minutes.”  However, you can keep it in for longer.  This is a black portion, which is basically a white portion in a different colored pouch.  So you can use it as long as you would a white portion.

This is a comparison between a Swedish Match slim portion (top), a General Titanium Black (middle) and a Swedish Match White Portion (bottom).  You can see the Titanium Black portion is really slim, more slim than a regular slim portion.  It's also much slimmer than your regular white portion, despite the fact that the weight is close.

I know, all this is very interesting. But what I was most curious about was the flavor. How does a "no added flavor" product taste?  When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a rich, raw tobacco smell.  I don't pick up any citrus, nor do I pick up any pepper.  The portions are slim, and comfortable in the lip, as well.  The taste is very simple and basic.  It's a natural, earthy, raw tobacco taste.  And that's it.  I really don't pick up anything else.  The nicotine content, while listed at 25mg/g, doesn't feel anywhere near that strong.  I'd say it feels to be around the strong level, when comparing to other Swedish Snus products.  And while the freshness seal says 30 minutes, I've found I can keep a portion in for an hour, sometimes more.

I really enjoyed this product.  I love the double star formation, I love the slim but plump pouches, and the taste is fantastic.  I'm someone who likes the taste of tobacco, so I really dig this one.  If you're in Canada and have $42, grab a can and check it out.  It's awful that you Canadians have to pay so much, though.  I don't think we in the US can complain about shipping prices compared to what you have to deal with!

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  1. OMG... we need this in the US or online ASAP. My biggest gripe with general is the bergmot (as it, like all flavors--detracts from taste of the tobacco.)... I'm sure I'd absolutely love this. Also... poor Canadians... $42/can? Ouch!!!