02 January 2015

General Titanium Ice (Canadian) - Review. 2 January 2015.

We recently reviewed 3 Canadian General Snus products - Fresh Taste, Titanium and Titanium W. I heard about a new product sold in Canada, Titanium Ice, but unfortunately can't get it in the US. One of our readers in Canada, Brad Logan, was kind enough to send us a can for review. Considering it's almost $20 a can in Canada, we certainly appreciate him doing this for us.  For those who think warning labels in America are bad, the one on the Canadian General Snus cans is even worse.  It looks to take up about 60% of the can label.  At least this warning label is the one I don't disagree with - snus is addictive.  But we all know that already.

One thing I really dig about General Snus in Canada is the freshness seal that comes on each can. I think that's a pretty cool idea I wish would spill over into all the other General products. The instructions are kind of silly to those of us who have used snus for a while and know how it works, but it's pretty useful to people who are new to snus.  You'd be surprised (or maybe not) to realize how few people know it goes in your upper lip when they pick up that first can of real Swedish Snus.

When it comes to this snus, it comes in black portions like General Onyx (as do all their other "Titanium" products). When you open a can, the aroma of peppermint comes through along with a slight hint of chocolate. The taste is pretty interesting. I've heard people compare it to Scope mouthwash, which I do get in the flavor. It's hard to describe this one, but I'd describe it as a fresh taste of peppermint with a touch of eucalyptus and a slight hint of chocolate in the background. There's a little cooling sensation and freshness that this snus has, as well.  It's a pretty interesting taste.  I'm not sure if there's chocolate in the recipe or not, or if that's just something that comes through with the type of tobacco they use.  It isn't a bold presence of chocolate, but I do get a little hint of it in the background.  Overall, it's a pretty interesting flavor.

I also had to share this. I swear, we have the best fans. Over the past 6 years I've met so many people and got some great fan mail and gifts in the mail, including a neat hand made ukulele from our friend nachowayne.  But this was super cool and made my day.  His daughter picked out a neat little wind chime from Canada and sent it to us - which is now proudly hanging up in our YouTube studio.  So a big thanks to Brad for the snus and the cool little gift he sent.

I'll say it again - our fans are the best!

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