14 June 2015

Offroad Gold Los - Review. 14 June 2015.

Offroad Gold is a new line from V2 Tobacco in Denmark. A friend of mine ordered some from The Northerner and sent me a can, since I haven't found any other stores that will ship it to the US. I've really been digging the Gold line lately from V2 Tobacco. I recently reviewed Thunder Gold, part of the 2015 Thunder Limited Edition line, as well as Offroad Gold Original Portion and Offroad Gold White Dry. If you're unfamiliar with this line, V2 describes it as, "...a classic style Swedish Snus. It has a traditional full tobacco character beautifully balanced with hints of citrus. A taste that lies deeply grounded in the soul of Sweden and reminds us how true snus should be and taste. Offroad Gold offers a no compromise classical snus experience."

When you open a can of Offroad Gold Los you'll notice the grind is pretty coarse/thick, so it's very easy to handbake, no tool required. The aroma that comes through is a very light and airy smell of citrus, a traditional bergamot smell. The smell of tobacco is very present, but it's a mild tobacco smell. The flavor of this one is a very traditional Swedish Snus taste - a very gentle taste of bergamot paired with a mellow, earthy and natural tobacco flavor. The Offroad tobacco flavor is a bit more mellow than the Thunder tobacco flavor, but it comes through a lot more clearly being a los snus. The tobacco and citrus tastes pair in pretty equal proportions. For a value priced snus, this one has a lot of flavor. If you're a fan of traditional flavored Swedish Snus and want to save a few bucks, you can't go wrong with this one.

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