Knox Blue (White) - Preview. 30 January 2015.

According to a new listing at Snus2, Skruf Snus is launching a new Knox product, Knox Blue (White Portion).

Their product description says, "Knox Blue White Portion is a snus that continues Skruf Snus traditional habits with very snuff at a cheap and affordable price. With Knox Blue White Portion A coarse so introduces us to a snus with a good taste of juniper berries and tobacco. To make it extra nice as are the contents of the box more than the usual Knox boxes."  

It makes sense that we're seeing more Enbar/Juniper flavored snus products launching, given the popularity of Swedish Match's Goteborg's Rape. V2 Tobacco has had the Phantom Blue product line for many years now - which has been a love or hate product for many people. I myself enjoyed the Phantom Blue Los. Also, JTI realized the popularity of juniper flavored snus and launched LD Enbar White last year, another juniper flavored snus.  Now, we see Skruf Snus adding Knox Blue (White) to the juniper flavored snus products.  It's available on a few web stores already, so if you want to check it out you should be able to order it now.  I'll review it once I get my hands on a can of it.